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Game review: No Man's Sky Next on Xbox One reaches for the stars

No Man's Sky Next (XO) – a one giant leap for Hello Games

Hello Games' impossibly ambitious space exploration game reaches its biggest milestone yet, and appears on the Xbox One for the first time.

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No matter how much it evolves over time No Man's Sky will always go down as one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. Whichever way you look at it, that's primarily the fault of developer Hello Games but some blame must also go to Sony for egging them on and gamers for not recognizing the warning signs. The idea of ​​a whole process-generated galaxy to explore was always too good to be true and the entertainment offered by the original 2016 release had a frustratingly short half-life.

But to Hello Games' credit they've stuck with it og har vært å legge til nye funktioner og opdateringer helt gratis siden da. That's culminated with the 'Next' update, which also coincides with the game's first appearance on Xbox One. This review stands for any of the versions, once they receive the update, although playing the game on the Xbox One X means you get to experience it with the highest horsepower modern consoles can offer.

The end result is unquestionably an improvement , but we do not think even Hello Games would pretend the game has now been fulfilled all its potential. Uiterst hvor mange nye funktioner og forbedringer er opdateringslagene på – og der er meget – der er næsten ingen ændring til underliggende gameplayløkke, og det kommer til at være et problem for både nye spillere og gamle.

One of the big mistakes with No Man's Sky's initial marketing was not making it clear what kind of game it was before launch. Der var ingen hands-on previews og alt var igjen veldig vagant enn hva du egentlig gjør i spillet. The flippant answer to that question is 'not much' and it's true that in terms of traditional gameplay No Man's Sky often seems shallow and repetitive. And the experience can still be thoroughly compelling despite its many and obvious flaws.

The simplest description for No Man's Sky is a space trader, in the style of the original Elite, with elements of survival games such as Rust or Don ' t starve Du startar spillet efter crash-landing dit rumskib, med ingen clue som til hvem du er og hvordan du kommer dit. De verschillende updates hebben geprobeerd om een ​​meer gestructureerde verhaalelement aan het spel te geven, maar het gaat om het centrum van de galaxy en de geheimen van de mysterieuze alienintelligentie genaamd Atlas blijven een vrij vage doel.

You are given specific sub quests Nå er det noen, som er en del af historien, og nogle af dem er bare jobbet for de forskellige alienarter du møder langs vejen. Der er flere af disse nu, men at fire eller fem er limt til at spotten på en handelsplads ikke virkelig gør galaksen til noget mere levende end da det var bare et.

To get anywhere in No Man's Sky, you need resources: to create the fuel needed to travel between stars and to Power your ship's other systems, as well as that of your spacesuit and multitool (a combination gun, resource collector, and scanner). Du er også fri til at sælge samlet midler til kontanter på handelsposter og romstasjoner, for en forhåpentligvis god fortjeneste. In tegenstelling tot de meeste andere overlevingsspelen is uw honger niet een probleem, maar als uw pak het vermogen om te compenseren voor extreme temperaturen of giftige atmosferen niet wordt onderhouden, is het effect hetzelfde.

Een van de grote problemen met de originele versie was de lak of inventory space you had for resources and equipment, and this is one of many problems that have since been acknowledged and addressed. Men manglende opbevaring er din største hindring for udforskningen af ​​det ukendte er et fundamentalt uinteressant problem.

No Man's Sky Next (XO) – a galaxy of adventure

Unless you purposefully encourage it, it's a game that is almost rare and when it's almost solely around the mysterious sentinel robots that patrol every planet, and which get upset als u te veel schade veroorzaakt met mining of andere algemene vernietiging. The gunplay is very flat and not at all exciting, but the space combat is more interesting. Your weapons always feel a little wimpy but the controls are good and dogfighting is tense and enjoyable given that you are almost always outnumbered.

It helps that death only means going back to the place you died and picking up your lost inventory, but in any case No Man's Sky is not a difficult game. It's too laidback for that. Men for at udforskning skal være den primære kilde til underholdning, skal der være en ægte mangfoldighed af ting at se og gøre langs vejen. And sadly, that's still not the case.

Thanks to the excellent art direction, No Man's Sky can throw up some stunning vistas at times and the graphical fidelity has definitely improved since launch. Landskapene er nå tættere på detaljer og skyer flyter realistically over your head (eller på din cockpit hvis du er landing).

Flora and fauna may vary visually, but they are all just thinly. But there are still many problems with obvious pop-in of objects, and it soon becomes obvious that as different as some planets look, they are fundamentally all identical. disguised resource mines, and despite all the randomly-generated dinosaurs, alien dragons, and weird insect creatures none of them have any distinctive artificial intelligence of their own and are little more than background details.

Ultimately, the biggest improvement in the original , other than the new third person camera option, is the small range of options that help automate your resource gathering, especially the giant freighters that you can build up into a whole fleet and send out to do your biding. Men det er ikke bare at de tar dusinvis av timer for å få tak i det, men det er litt å automatisere noen andre til å gjøre skyting for deg i Call Of Duty, så det betyr at det er veldig lite annet av interesse igjen for deg å gjøre.

You can build bases wherever you want now, including underwater, and there are various surface craft, but this seems strangely at odds with the goal of reaching the center of the galaxy. What is more enticing though is the new multiplayer options. Hello Games did warn it was a fairly basic implementation though, and sure enough being with friends does not really introduce any new gameplay elements once you've got bored or trying to shoot each other.

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The multiplayer also seems to increase the likelihood of graphical glitches, although these, and some unfortunate performance issues, are also evident when playing on your own. Analyzing No Man's Sky like this always seems vaguely unfair because the technology behind generating a whole galaxy of billions on billions of planets is so hugely impressive.

No Man's Sky is essentially the best foundation for a game that has ever been, but previously all that was built atop was a rickety shed. To years later, it's a relatively spacious bungalow, but still nowhere near the expansive mansion of sci-fi wonders that everyone hoped it would be.

No Man's Sky Next

In Short: The Updates have brought definite improvement,

Pros: Enormous game world is a pleasure to explore even when you know all its tricks. Competent space combat. Multiplayer, freighters, and third person view are all welcome. Excellent art design.

Cons: Highly repetitive main gameplay loop, that requires little skill and offers too little excitement. Flawed implementation of aliens, both intelligent and otherwise.
Score: 7/10

Formats: Xbox One (reviewed), PlayStation 4, and PC
Price: £ 39.99
Publisher: Hello Games
Developer: Hello Games
Release Date: 24th July 2018
Age Rating: 7

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