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Game of the Year – PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2020

As closer to 2020, this week has been a long week with PSLS awards at the turn of the year, and we have honored many great releases. Although games did not win, it is only being nominated that draws attention to games that deserve the spotlight, and there were also many other honorable mentions that did not even make the nomination list. 2020 was a fantastic year for games around, and it has all built up to this moment. Before we reveal which game won our top spot, here are PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Game of the Year 2020.

This year’s game 2020 winner

the last of us part 2 sale

The Last of Us del II

Read our review.

The reflection of the nominations and close votes from our best PlayStation Exclusive award, our game of the year also goes to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us del II. We have already said a lot about The Last of Us del II throughout our award ceremony, so let this quote from our review tell you why it’s worth taking the top spot this year:

It is an empathic emotional journey that recontextualizes the idea of ​​the hero at the center of the story through new perspectives and unique methods of storytelling that only video games are capable of. It is a versatile experience with symmetry, details and teams that players will discuss for years. Polish values ​​and production values ​​not only meet the level of Naughty Dog quality that players have expected. The Last of Us del II is an age-determining game, a perfect companion to the first that harmonizes with, rather than crushes, the original central ending, creating an unforgettable and emotionally challenging narrative with these beloved characters. ”

The reader’s election winner

Ghost of Tsushima

Our readers also chose to mirror the voices from the category Best PlayStation Exclusive Ghost of Tsushima like this year’s game, just knock out The Last of Us del II with a few votes. It is clear that the players were thrilled by the Sucker Punch epic, and it therefore won several awards this year from both our staff and readers.

The Last of Us del II took second place for our readers, followed by Final Fantasy VII Remake in third.

Now that we’ve unveiled our Game of the Year, don’t miss out on our entire selection of winners and nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We have gathered all 29 categories in one place, so you can easily see which games received top marks this year. Thanks to all the great developers and publishers who made games this year. Thank you to our readers for participating and voting in the prize for this year’s game. Fortunately, 2020 is over, and I look forward to seeing which games provide this list next year as we enter the first full year of the new generation of consoles. Happy 2021!

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