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Game of the Year 2018: # 2 – Red Dead Redemption 2

  Red Dead Redemption 2 Game of the Year # 2

Where do you even start with Red Dead Redemption 2? The game is a modern masterpiece and develops Rockstar's best ever release. Older storytelling combines with one of, if not the best, open world in games, and the result is a phenomenal start-up experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2 cannot be crowned our game of the year in 2018, but we expect Arthur Morgan to be the year's greatest character. Flawed and influenced by your actions in the game, Arthur works brilliantly throughout the 60 hour campaign. When we saw him in the first revealing trailer, looking pretty clean and predictably angry, we would never have thought he would end up being such a good leader.

But it's not just Arthur. Red Dead Redemption 2 probably has the strongest bunch of 201

8, with every single offense committing to our memories long after the credit line. The captivating characters of the Van der Linde gang keep the excitement perfectly portrayed throughout the game, and look at everything that unfolds for one of the most narrated stories in games.

And the boy, what a story it is. Admittedly, things begin slowly as Arthur and the group try to keep a low profile, but later, when they really hit the fan, Red Dead Redemption becomes 2 to 11 and never looks back. Gripping is an understatement.

Narrative gushing aside, the overall quality of Rockstar's newest alone is enough to put it over most games on the market. This is an open world title that somehow has Polish in a Naughty Dog game. Everything is immaculate, from the myriad of small animations that most players may never see for the good presentation and direction. Without a doubt, Red Dead 2 is the most kinematic open world game ever made.

Take a step back from the serious things and there's still so much to love about Red Dead 2. You can spend hours just hunting and fishing, or roaming the game's absurdly detailed world. There are so many secrets and weird events to discover, and even now players are still finding things mysteries that have so far gone unresolved.

Red Dead Redemption 2 raises the bar for what we expect from an open world title. Pretty much a perfect prequel, it has all the action, all the drama, and all the gravel you could want from a game set in the late 1800s America. Red Dead Redemption 2 is not just one of the best releases in 2018, it is one of the most memorable, masterfully crafted games ever made.

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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 one of your favorite games in 2018? Stay blurred in the comments below.

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