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Galaxy Watch 3 is $ 150 off, which is a lot

Samsung is in the process of launching new watches and switching to Google̵

7;s Wear OS platform, so that probably means it’s time to clean up the stock of the Galaxy Watch 3. Through almost every retailer selling the Watch 3, you can currently find a deal of $ 150 that reduces the starting price to $ 250. It is a good price for a solid watch.

You may be thinking at this moment: “But Kellen, they’re putting the Tizen OS on these Wear watches, why should we buy this sh * t?” My answer would be that Samsung has been committed to supporting this watch for 3 years since it was launched, so it has a little over 2 years left. For a smartwatch, it is not bad support.

Also, with the specs and hardware here on the Watch 3, it should easily last that long and still be a good watch. Samsung has been the king of updates for a long time, and I can not imagine that they will not keep the promise of these watches.

So you have the 41mm Watch 3 from $ 250, but the larger 45mm is also reduced to $ 280. You will even find the same $ 150 deal on the LTE models if that’s your thing. It’s sales time, folks.

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