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Galaxy S21 is a nice phone

After watching Galaxy S21

lineup in countless photos, my thoughts on the design have not necessarily changed much – I have always admitted that its unique back was tastefully finished. But after seeing fresh real photos this week, I’m back to believing that this is one of the most elegantly designed phones in a while. For a nice phone Galaxy S21 is.

You may be tempted to point out that the design is actually not that much different from this year’s Galaxy S20, and that you would not be wrong. We still have the front display with a centered front camera. The back appears to be a lot of glass with a large camera body. The rest of the design pieces are insignificant.

Whatever the reason, the camera body pushes this over the top. It’s like a waterfall by a pool. It looks dangerous, so you can not take your eyes off it. It is a risky design if the benefits are clear, because nothing else matches the unique. By cutting out a piece of the corner of the phone, Samsung separates both cameras to remind you that it is there, while still blending it into the entire body of the phone. It’s pretty magical.

And that’s really all that connects this as a special. The front, although it may have even smaller frames than the S20, is not so remarkable. Smaller frame can actually damage the use. But that backside will let the S21 stand out against a sea of ​​recent phones that all settled in the exact same design.

I look forward to getting my hands on this beauty.

Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21

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