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Galaxy S21 colors appear in leaks that indicate no microSD

Samsung has not yet officially confirmed the launch event, but at this point we are only a few weeks away from the debut of the Galaxy S21 series. As January 14 reveals approaches, more leaks are coming out with the latest specification dump suggesting that the Galaxy S21 may be missing a microSD card slot, as we also take a good look at all the colors.

WinFuture came out over the Christmas holidays with another huge leak detailing the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + in their entirety. Leak-proof screen sizes, camera specifications, battery details and more specifications we’ve seen before. In this leak, however, we get a couple of new details as well.

First, this leak shows that the Galaxy S21

+ will support the UWB (ultra wideband) radio found in the Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2, but the base Galaxy S21 will not.

This leak also lacks special mention of microSD support on a Galaxy S21 device. While it is entirely possible that this favorite power user feature will be retained on the S21 family, it’s a bit strange that the materials these specifications were taken from lack any expandable memory whatsoever. This would not be the first time Samsung dropped the track either, as the Galaxy S6 famously lacked microSD support before the company brought it back a year later in the S7. More specifically, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 20 both lacked support, as did the Galaxy Z Fold 2. With the latest shortcomings in mind, it seems entirely possible Samsung is saying goodbye to the microSD on the Galaxy S21.

Finally, the other big news from this leak is another clear look at each Galaxy S21 color variant. Reproductions obtained by WinFuture showcase the gray, white, pink and purple Galaxy S21 colors while viewing the silver, black and purple S21 + options. Personally, the “Phantom Purple” color is my favorite.

Especially though, but we saw these colors in a previous leak as well.

Galaxy S21 colors

Galaxy S21 + colors

Pre-orders from Samsung Galaxy S21 are open

All this made you excited to get a Galaxy S21? Good news! Samsung has opened pre-order reservations for the phone in the US. As with previous devices, this application only gives users the option to guarantee that they get a pre-order on the phone, in addition to getting a $ 60 credit for adding accessories to the phone. If you book and then complete your pre-order via the Shop Samsung app, you will also earn an extra $ 10 on top of that. While reservations are open there, they do not appear to be available on Samsung.com yet.

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