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Galaxy S20 can inherit another exclusive Galaxy S21 feature

Samsung began adding exclusive Galaxy S21 features to its older smartphones last month with the launch of One UI 3.1, but a popular camera feature – Director’s View – has remained exclusive to Galaxy S21 series. With an upcoming update, that may change.

The Galaxy S20 may be next in line for the S21’s Director’s View feature

T-Mobile recently updated the Galaxy S20 support pages to include instructions on how to use the Director’s View feature inside the camera app, as discovered by GalaxyClub. The feature is not yet available, but the change means that it will be made available with a future update. Directors View works by displaying real-time streams of all cameras in the viewfinder. Users can then switch seamlessly between lenses while filming to create better videos, which should be useful for content creators.

It will complement the other Galaxy S21 features like Samsung’s Galaxy S20 users inherited quite nicely last month. These include Eye Comfort Shield, Single Take, Touch Autofocus, Multi Mic Recording, and support for auto-turn on Galaxy Buds.

There is no info on when the Director’s View camera feature will roll out to the Galaxy S20 series, but it should not be too far away if T-Mobile has already posted the listings. However, it is worth noting that there is always the possibility that this could simply be a mistake.

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