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Galaxy S10 comes with a secure cold crypto wallet for storing Bitcoin – BGR

One of the latest mobile trends is Bitcoin and Blockchain, but only a few companies are ready to offer phones with cold wallets for secure encryption, or support for decentralized apps. HTC and Sirin are two such companies, each of which has launched a blockchain phone in recent months. It does not seem that it's enough to create a real trend, but Samsung is getting involved with Bitcoin-friendly features.

In fact, these features can even debut with the Galaxy S10 early next year.

It's one thing to buy a phone just for the sake of blockchain technology, and quite different to buy a Galaxy S10 that also supports secure storage of digital assets. Earlier this week, the Galaxy Club revealed that Samsung filed for more trademarks in the EU, indicating that the company is interested in the block chain. These are Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Key Box and Blockchain Core.

Following the news, SamMobile discovered that the company is actually working on its own cryptocurrency service, which could debut with the Galaxy S1

0 next year. Samsung's crypto service will allegedly include a cold wallet to store crypto currency, public and private keys, and sign private keys for crypto transactions. A secondary wallet would handle transfers, account information and transaction history. The names of these two products are not completed.

The cold press is of particular interest, as it is the kind of wallet that is safer to store Bitcoin and other altcoins. A cold wallet is usually disconnected most of the time, and therefore it is safer than a wallet, host of an exchange or other type of online software.

Users will be able to import wallets from other services to call wallet, including Metamask, TrustWallet and others, and the wallet would support Bitcoin, Ethereum (and Ethereum-based tokens) and Bitcoin Cash. As with other types of cold storage for crypto, the device, Samsung, in this case will not have access to the data stored in the coldbox, and users will be able to restore the content using a standard 12 to 24 word. In addition, Samsung's Bitcoin app requires authentication, which means that users must enter a PIN or scan a fingerprint to access the coldbox.

Details of the other wallet, which allows users to transfer krypto, are currently unavailable. It is likely that the wallet will also have different security features in place. Samsung is expected to uncover the Galaxy S10 in February and launch it in several markets a few weeks after unpacked press event.

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