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Galaxy Note 9: What does & # 39; all-day battery & # 39; ??

  Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung touts The new Galaxy Note 9 has a "full-time battery." But what does this mean to users?

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Here's Samsung Note 9

Samsung has apparently left the tradition of citing battery life in hours based on some task, and chosen to go with the phrase "all day battery". Nowhere on the Samsung page I can find anywhere where battery life is broken down in hours, but I came across a footnote related to battery life:

Estimated against the usage profile of an average / typical user. Independent reviewed by Strategy Analytics between July 11 and 24, July 2018 in the United States and United Kingdom with pre-release of SM-N960 (128 GB). Actual battery life varies from network environment, features and applications used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged and many other factors.

If you break this down, it looks like "all day battery" means that if you are an average or typical user, the note 9 should last for you all day without needing a recharge, but a whole lot of real – World factors can get in the way of it.

This seems fair enough to me and seems more honest than citing a battery life related to a specific task like conversation, browsing, or playing music or a movie. [19659010] We do not use our smartphones for a single task, citing battery life relative to a single task meaningless, and encouraging confusion, and can easily mislead buyers.

What accessories you use can also have great effect. I assume that users who strongly use the S pen or use Bluetooth headsets and the like will have very different results.

So can Galaxy Note 9 deliver on this all-day battery life?

While only real-world testing – testing by a varied selection of users – can definitely answer this question (and even then, keep in mind that battery life is incredibly personal), based on hardware specifications, I'll say yes. 19659009] Firstly, while it's fair to say that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip is not the best in terms of energy efficiency, it's not too bad either.

Another reference point is the Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Here we have a device powered by the same processor, but that has a slightly smaller screen. However, this is compensated because the S9 + has a battery of 3,500mAh while the device in note 9 is 4000mAh. And in the real world, the S9 + has what can be called "all day battery", at least for the "average" user.

Combine that S9 + and Note 9 both come with a fast charger (unlike iPhone), it's not so much drama to sneak a fast upload over the day. And if you have a few wireless charging cords distributed around your home and office, it's even less a problem.

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