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Galaxy Note 21+ pre-release leak may have convinced me to switch

I have been using a Galaxy Note 9 for over 2 years now and found no compelling reason to switch to any other Samsung phone since I started. Now, here at the end of 2020, maybe I was just convinced to upgrade. Not from another Galaxy Note, nor a foldable device of any kind. Instead, I think I have been convinced by the significantly massive flat screen panel of the just leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 +.

After two years, the tension of having a screen with left and right sides dipping near the edge … has worn off. Galaxy Note 9 still looks fantastic and futuristic – I will never sell this phone, it has grown on me. But I do not think I will ever buy a phone specifically for the strangely shaped screen again. BELOW: Not the Galaxy Note 9 I have used, but an example from our Galaxy Note 9 review from back in 201


Instead of extravagance, I lean towards tools. If what has been leaked here is completely accurate, it seems that Samsung is also on its way to tools. This is good. We have reached a high watermark for the candy-shaped smartphone with weird, but not entirely useful screen features.

With the Galaxy S21 +, it seems that Samsung is recalling the same screen feature that has been given to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +. The device has a relatively flat set of sides and a one-sided screen frame.

As it is a tablet, there is good reason why the Galaxy Tab S7 + has the frame size it was blessed with. With the Galaxy S21 +, the screen frame is minimal, but still present. Samsung does not try to hide the frame with jagged edges. Instead, the design accepts the requirements of the technology – which is shown at some point – and gets the most out of the situation.

Excluding the total absence of the forward-facing camera, the leak we have seen today of the Galaxy S21 + looks like the most ideal execution of smartphone design I have seen in many years. With the apps and usage I have for a smartphone here at the end of 2020, this 2021 Galaxy S21 + looks like the most ideal vessel for my immediate future.

The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra are expected to be unveiled at an event in January 2021. The release date for the Galaxy S21 family is likely to be set for later in January – but nothing is official yet. ! Stay around and we’ll see!

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