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Gabe Newell says that players have never had a good mobile alternative

Valve announced its laptop gaming machine earlier this month, and the interviews and details about Steam Deck have rolled in steadily since. Among them, with permission for another IGN interview, are some of Steam Deck’s origins. President and co-founder Gabe Newell says that Deck began as a “natural conversation” about how Valve would contribute to computer games in the future, and also discarded some of the early names from the drawing board.

They start by asking Newell how the Steam Deck talks started. Of course, this is not Valve’s first attack on hardware. Our Valve Index review calls their VR headset the gold standard, but previous efforts such as the Steam controller and Steam machine did not earn a lifetime in PC games. Given that, you might think that Valve would be a little wary of continued hardware efforts. Not so, says Newell. They always talk about adding PC games as a whole.

“Many times the conversations we have internally are about”

; What can we contribute? How do we add something to the PC gaming environment? Newell explains, “so it was not a strange conversation. We always talk about mobile game platforms and the trade-offs we feel exist for ourselves as players and as game developers. ”

Beyond that, Newell believes that players have always been looking for a serious PC gaming handheld game competitor. “I think a lot of gamers have always felt that there is no great mobile gaming hardware that we can use,” says Newell, referring to touch controls that are not good for FPS games and “proprietary direction” for other handheld devices.

“It’s like any player. Someone comes and says” here’s actually the type of gaming experience where you can take the best games in the world and run them in a mobile environment. “We have all known that forever. If you had asked players 20 years ago, they would have said the same thing. We are at a time now where activation technologies have advanced and mobile gaming hardware has reached a point where we can really make it happen. ”

As for the other early days of Steam Deck, of course, there were other names in the hat before Deck won. “Steam Buddy,” says Newell, and also “Steam Pal,” as previously rumored.

“Very early on, we had pretty scary prototypes, so we gave them apt names like ‘Ugly Baby’ and stuff like that,” adds Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais. “They were not good. We did not go for it, as far as the name implies.”

I do not know, maybe they should have called Kojima and talked about Steam BB, right?

We’ve learned a lot more about Steam Deck in recent weeks. Valve says that they do not take any risk of stick operation with Deck, and that it will support the installation of other game stores and game modes. Ubisoft, which has not brought new games to Steam in recent years, says they will consider bringing games to Steam Deck if it is large.

Pre-orders for the laptop have already opened on Steam for the three different models.

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