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Function: The final Wii U games we want to look at in 2019

  Final Wii U game on switch?

Ah, bad Wii U – you have to feel it. Through bungled messaging and almost total non-support of its unique asymmetric gameplay, the Nintendo launched the ship without a compass in a sea full of pointed icebergs that were ready to crawl their shiny white hull. Despite releasing some good games on the platform, only a relatively small fraction of Nintendo devotees got to play them, and now Switch switches the console systematically from what little heritage it had. The silver lining until its death is the catalog of gemstones, refined to Switch ̵

1; from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to Bayonetta games, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe .

Independent titles aside, these ports have been a triumph, which helps link gaps in the release plan between new titles. With a brand new audience capable of discovering them, Nintendo's inadvertent lack of use of GamePad means meaningfully – ironically – they can skip the ship virtually functionally intact; Miiverse integration is usually the biggest loss, even though we have seen solutions in the same way Splatoon 2 . With the new year approaching, we have rounded stragglers; The latest brilliant remnants that have not yet been saved from the Wii U and revitalized Switch. We would not be surprised to see any of these announcements this year and raise the great weapons Animal Crossing Fire Emblem: Three Houses and ( fingers crossed ]] Metroid Prime 4 in 2019.

Before we begin, let's take a moment and pour one out for two games we doubt, can ever make the jump to Switch games that took advantage of asymmetric Gameplay Genuine Interesting ways: Record the glasses in memory of Nintendo Land and Affordable Space Adventures We had a lot fun with it earlier in the launch, and The latter is a real hidden gem that – for shame – will probably remain hidden forever.

  Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U)   Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Atlus

] Release Date: 24. June 2016 (USA ) / June 24, 2016 ( UK / EU )

From the sublime to the amazing ridiculous, the next up is Atlus & # 39; 19659022] Shin Megami Tensei / Fire Emblem crossover RPG that has you controlling a showbiz idol career in today's Tokyo while joining with FE characters to fight mysterious villains Mirages. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE released towards the end of Wii's journey and consequently found only a small audience, especially in the west. Those who took picked up, fell in love with the combat system and stylish mix of J-pop and classic RPG mechanics. A switch port would give more people the opportunity to discover their charm, even if it would require some raising – GamePad originally showed the map and the text of your in-game phone. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for the Switch Online app to earn its continuation as another display option on the Switch (as an alternative to getting them to appear on the main screen of course). The original also lacked an English dub – not a problem, but it would be nice to see one added to a potential port.

  The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)   The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 15. September 2013 (USA ) / August 23, 2013 ( UK / EU )

Coming from famous director Hideki Kamiya and PlatinumGames, despite being well received [19659030] The Wonderful 101 kinda fell through the cracks of the early Wii U directory; One of the games you would definitely have picked up on the offer, but probably didn't come. Its unique gameplay reported aspects of Pikmin with Viewtiful Joe (always A Good Thing ™) and urged you to gather a group of heroes who fought more or less as a unit. An all-and-kitchen-sink approach meant that it could easily overwhelm players, especially in higher difficulty, but the core challenge of adding Wonderful Ones to your team and taking down ever-inventive obstacles and enemies is addictive, to Finally catch you as Platinum's games so often do. In addition to some handy touch movements and some submenus, a Switch port would lose a little in translation, and we would love the opportunity to try it out again.

  Pikmin 3 (Wii U) <img src = "http://images.nintendolife.com/5dc3779d79543/pikmin-3-cover.cover_small.jpg" alt = "Pikmin 3 (Wii U Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: August 4, 2013 (USA ) / July 26, 2013 UK / EU )

The chance to play a proper Pikmin on the go is tantalizing – Hi! Pikmin on 3DS did not manage enough itching. Odd rumors that Miyamoto -is sitting on a tightly finished Pikmin 4 seems unsensitive to us, so we will certainly welcome a port on Pikmin 3 while waiting for a tailor-made entry.This second successor brought winged and rock pikmin to the board, but added surprisingly little to the established paint; HD was without a doubt the most important addition to the series – these oranges and strawberries never look so juicy and delicate When it comes to controls, we generally prefer to use Wiimote and nunchuck over the GamePad, and beyond losing the separate map screen, we see zero issues with this, so the jump to Switch is almost completely intact.

<img src = "http://images.nintendolife.com/cddc5c402fea4/legend-of-zelda-the-wind-waker-hd-artwork.900×250.jpg" width = "900" height = "250" alt = "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Nintendo Nintendo / Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: October 4, 2013 (19459024] USA ) / October 4, 2013 ( UK / EU )

Ok, so now we are at ports in ports but who in their right mind would knock down some of these on a handheld? Wind Waker s evergreen art style continues to charm the socks of anyone who plays it, and it has never looked better than on the Wii U. The slightly aggressive The flow of flowers is not to everyone's taste, but it is difficult to argue with the many gameplay tweaks that helped to tighten up the GameCube original. The AV TV mode on the HD Recovery shows that it could work perfectly well on the switch, especially with the touch screen in handheld mode.

<img src = "http://images.nintendolife.com/aa3ce2330f5dd/legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess-hd-artwork.900×250.jpg" width = "900" height = "250" alt = "Nintendo / Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U) “/>  Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U)

Publisher: ] Developer: Nintendo [19659009] Release Date: March 4, 2016 (United States ) / March 4, 2016 ( UK / EU )

The same applies to Twilight Princess . We have already watched videos of the game running on the Tegra X1 powered Nvidia Shield in China (same chip inserted in Switch's innards), although we would really prefer the Wii Us HD watch with the watches and The wings with gyro sight, improved textures and amiibo support.This entry in the series shares players – despite having some good dungeons, the 3D template that was laid down by Ocarina of Time began fool without Wind Waker & # 39; s distracting beautiful cartoon style. Breath of the Wild has just blasted the spider webs from the series, but there is still so much to love in the & # 39; traditional & # 39; Zelda formula;

 Super Mario Maker (Wii U)   Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

Publisher: Nintendo / ] Developer: Nintendo EAD

Release Date: 11. September 2015 (USA ) / September 11, 2015 ( UK / EU )

In 2015, HMS Wii U was in serious trouble, but still had some tricks up the sleeve when she began to note. Though not enough to save a sinking ship, Super Mario Maker Wii U gave her a string quartet; a farewell farewell when the console slipped away. It is a masterful effort of intuitive design and enables anyone to build, test and rebuild their perfect Mario levels, giving players a top of the curtain and an understanding of the genius that enters the design of these games. It created a community that came up with some amazing creations, from auto-play musical levels to intricate labyrinths that required sophisticated techniques and exploits to complete. A wonderful package for Mario fans of all ages, it provided a well-deserved 10/10 from us.

Of course, that doesn't mean that a Deluxe edition can't improve the original – an alternative to combining levels together and creating "worlds" would be much appreciated, for starters, and what about Game Boy and Super Mario Bros 2 skins? By limiting level construction to handheld mode, Nintendo was able to solve the problem of cumbersome telly-based editing and it would look pretty neat from a marketing perspective – edit levels on the bus, come home and share them with the family!

Of course, Mario Maker has already escaped the Wii's watery grave in the form of the 3DS version; An impressive effort from the lightweight handheld, though somewhat reduced to the original. But we would really be surprised if Switch did not dive to save this last treasure from the cold depths where the Wii U rests so that really shines on a handheld system that is in top life, thanks to one little part to the juicy parent companies, it continues to plunder from its predecessor.

Are there any remaining Wii U games you would like to see jump ships to Switch? As always, let us know in the comments.

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