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Freedom Phone: ‘Censorship’ device that protects the user’s privacy, political voice from Big Tech

Erik Finman, the youngest Bitcoin millionaire, has created Freedom Phone, which protects users’ privacy and promotes freedom of expression and prevents censorship.

The 22-year-old founder told the podcast John Solomon Reports that with Freedom Phone he “basically created something that is” unbreakable “, that is” uncensored “, that does not depend on, you know, Apple or Google app stores or. .. left-wing infrastructure. “

The Freedom Phone has “its own app store, which has all the apps your phone normally has, plus banned as well,” Finman said. “And we have apps that promote freedom of speech and promote patriotism. And you know, we also put a lot of focus on privacy features.”

Freedom Phone runs on Android, but completely gutted by Google, with additional security features to protect users’ data from Big Tech.

“[W]I built it on top of Android so you can have all the apps you have, but we Hillary-Clinton-acid-washed all the Google stuff and really went top to bottom, “Finman explained.” It was a dirty job, but we got rid of all that rubbish … because we wished you could still run on traditional apps, like you have a banking app, or if you have an ADT security or whatever, and everything that, plus also the forbidden ones. “

Finman had created a $ 100,000 startup that he made of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and moved to Silicon Valley before selling the company and moving to Florida, where he then started Freedom Phone.

Finman looked at the increasingly cheeky point of view discrimination perpetrated by Big Tech as both social injustice and market opportunity: “I just saw the problem that you know, they say, ‘Oh, well, you know, if you do not like being banned big see all the usual social media platforms, create your own. ‘And then you know, you see,’ Hey, we created our own with, among others, Parler, and then they were banned ‘… and that’s awful. “

The pro-free speech Parler social media app was taken offline by Amazon Web Services, Apple and Andriod app stores after the Capitol crash on January 6th. Pearls has since been re-posted on the Apple App Store.

Freedom Phone is centered around conservatives “because if I made it less conservative-centric, I would have to compromise on what the ultimate vision and purpose of this phone is, to get people … out there and expand and get people the truth. , “Finman explained. “That’s the real goal. And I think, if you were just security-encryption-centric, I would not be able to get people the truth in the same way.”

Declaring that “the most powerful tool we all have is our right to have a voice,” Finman explained how protecting those voices is what ultimately inspired Freedom Phone. “[T]hey can ban software, “he acknowledged,” but hardware, with its own uncensored app store and privacy – you know, one of the cheesy marketing lines we say is … ‘The Freedom Phone: finally a phone that will not let your voice be quiet. ‘”

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