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Free Game Alert: Rage 2 on PC is yours to take

Rage 2 is a pastiche of better shooters that has been released over the last decade, but that aspect of the design hides a huge secret for people looking for hidden gems: the fight and the sense of power of the game’s weapons and abilities are almost unsurpassed in games right now. It’s the perfect free video game if you’re in the mood for a first person shooter. Which is good news because it’s currently free on Epic Games Store.

Rage 2the story is a messy mess that I will not even try to describe; Let’s just say you play as a chosen one with special powers and let it be. You explore a slightly open world, find new weapons, work your way up through the technology tree and unlock a series of supernatural abilities as you battle for authority. You just know that they are bad with such a name. The game̵

7;s aesthetic suggests something like splatter punk, and evokes the violent nihilism in the Borderlands series.

The original Rage was a rather mediocre shooter from id Software, and John Carmack himself later directly apologized for the PC performance. So there was not much Avalanche Studios and id Software could deduct from it for the sequel. You do not have to worry about knowing the story turns from the first game to enjoy this; it is easily forgotten and nothing of value is lost.

You may not care why you do anything about it Rage 2, or who you go after, but the battle itself shines like a lighthouse. Or at least do it when you collect some of the better weapons and abilities and get them nice and leveled. The interface does not always make this easy, but it is worth the trouble.

“I can use an ability to throw enemies backwards, slam them into walls or each other,” I wrote in our original review. “I can use another ability to force enemies to float in the air, and pull other objects at them as by the gravitational force of a very small black hole. I can turn into a human grenade and slam into the ground, reducing everyone around me to a bloody smear. I can upgrade my ability to jump high in the air until I can basically climb up the faces of the clean cliffs by spamming the jump button. “

This combination of abilities, as well as weapons that all sound and feel brutally powerful in action, make Rage 2 into a creative playground for violence. How you kill people is up to you, and you can spend a lot of time on the menus and create a fun load to get out and just straight up wreck shit.

Rage 2 was a hard sell when it launched at $ 59.99, but for the cost of zero dollars, you should definitely grab it. It’s a game that exists in a generic shell of attitude and faux edginess, and it can be annoying. But it can also be fun to giggle at the usual game troopers and silly narrative excuses for how your player character became the most powerful fighter on the battlefield.

Anyway, hidden inside this OK game is one of the best examples of weapon design and selection I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m always interested in just seeing how my arsenal grows and interacts with the world when I go and kill everyone I see to … do what it’s I’re trying to do. There has never been a better time to take out all your frustrations over virtual villains who are happy to die in the thousands.

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