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Fossil Gen 6 will run a Qualcomm Chip

Qualcomm has hit pretty hard in recent weeks over its previous support for Wear OS and the failure of the chips it provided. The wave of criticism started after Samsung and Google̵

7;s announcement of a co-developed new Wear platform that will try to give Android laptops a fresh start. The fact that Google has enjoyed Samsung and that the two companies do not seem to be on the same page when it comes to support for Qualcomm’s Wear chips and the new platform, has led to questions about whether Qualcomm had a future or not. Use OS.

Today, to make it clear that they are not going anywhere, Qualcomm announced a new commitment to Snapdragon Wear chips and platforms, while naming partners who will bring these experiences to devices. One of their biggest partners, Fossil, confirmed that it will continue to use Qualcomm for its Wear OS watches, including the flagship Gen 6 which will be here soon.

This may not seem like big news to any of you, but trust me, there were many industry watchers who asked if Samsung would open its new portable chips for use in devices from other companies. It can still happen, of course, but I dare say that outside of Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 devices, most others will continue to use what Qualcomm has made available at the time.

Qualcomm did not announce new chips today, only that they “plan to roll out new Snapdragon Wear platforms over segments over the next year to fulfill our long-term vision.” It could mean a Snapdragon Wear 5100 or a 4300+ or ​​a whole new naming scheme for all we know. But what you should know is that Qualcomm will be in most Wear OS watches, unless Samsung changes its approach.

Regarding Fossil Gen 6, the company’s strategy director for wearables, Chris Hartley, said that they will launch “smartwatches” later this year with Qualcomm chips, and that one should be the “best possible Wear OS smartwatch” [on] the market. “

Prepare for more Qualcomm in your watches ahead.

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