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Forza Horizon 5 uses Raytraced Audio to enhance the audio experience

Playza Games’ upcoming Forza Horizon 5 will use raytracing to enhance the game’s audio experience.

So far we know that the next part of Forza Horizon will use beam tracking while browsing cars in Forzavista. Fans of the game would like to hear that this will not be the only implementation of beam tracking in the game – as revealed by the developer, Forza Horizon 5 will use raytraced sound to improve the sound experience (thanks VG247).

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“So we’ve taken radiation tracking, and we’re using it all over the world,” explained lead sound designer Fraser Strachan during the latest episode of Forza Horizon 5: Let’s Go.

According to Strachan and Creative Director Mike Brown, Forza Horizon 5 constantly detects world objects to determine how the sound bounces off each object accordingly.

“Actually, we send out radiation traces to detect walls, buildings and roofs.”

The leading sound designer added, “which means you will hear your car jump off all the buildings around you, and that will change with the environment.”

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“It made the world feel really alive. Such as when driving through Guanajuato, for example. You know that you can hear the bang of all the buildings, and I also mentioned that we discover roofs, such as things like tunnels. If you listen with spatial sound, something like Dolby Atmos with the headphones on, you will actually be able to hear your car jump off the roofs as well. ”

Creative Director Mike Brown further explained: “What I love is that when you’re in town, and it’s like a very hard surface, you get a sharp echo, while it’s like when you’re in the rainforest in the jungle. it still bounces off all the trees and foliage, but it is much more subdued.

A very interesting approach to the use of radiation tracking in the upcoming Forza Horizon department. Interestingly, this implementation of beam tracking was also mentioned by Zoink Games’ leading sound designer, Marcus Klang, back in 2019.

“It can be used to enhance the sense of realism by making more accurate adjustments to the sound, depending on the environment around the player, in real time,” Klang said.

Forza Horizon 5 is scheduled for release on Xbox and PC on November 9. Interested in the game’s smallest PC specifications? Check them out here.

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