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Fortnite: Where to find and destroy spooky TV sets

As Fortnite Chapter 6, Season 6 draws to a close, a new, scary TV show shows doom. With only four days left until the alien invasion, learn how to complete this final task using our guide before time runs out!

What is Seven Spooky TV Sets Quest in Fortnite?

The end is near and fans only have as long to score as much Battle Pass XP as possible. Fortunately, Epic Games released Foreshadowing Quests to help. One of these missions requires you to hunt down and destroy five spooky TVs. When you finish, you earn a full 24,000 XP. Hopefully this brings you so much closer to unlocking some cool cosmetics.

Spooky TV Set Locations in Fortnite

The seven eerie TVs are scattered throughout Fortnite̵

7;s map. They can be found sitting on the ground in front of a chair, placed just shy of several named places. You only need to destroy / interact with five TVs to complete the mission. The TVs did not seem to disappear after other players found them, so do not worry about being the first person to reach each one.

Creepy TV spots (from top to bottom)

  • TV 1 – Found on a small island just north of Craggy Cliffs
  • TV 2 – Found on a cliff west of Sweaty Sands
  • TV 3 – Found near some trees on a hill southwest of Dirty Docks
  • TV 4 – Found near some trees just north of Holly Hedges
  • TV 5 – Found in an elevated area west of Lazy Lake
  • TV 6 – Found near some trees just southeast of Slurpy Swamp
  • TV 7 – Found on a campsite on the cliff south of Catty Corner

Craggy Cliffs

Walk straight to the beach at Craggy Cliffs. Once there, swim out to the island north of the beach. The TV will be placed on the sand in front of a chair.

Sweaty Sands

Try to land west of Sweaty Sands, close to the cliffs and beach area. The TV will sit on the edge of the westernmost cliff overlooking the sea.

Dirty dolls

This TV is located on a hillside just southwest of Dirty Docks. It will sit outside in the open, between a few trees.

Holly Hedges

This TV is very close to Holly Hedges. Land there and then northwest towards the forest area. You should watch TV next to some rocks and trees.

Lazy Lake

Head west on Lazy Lake. This TV will be in an elevated area near some trees. You should be able to see Lazy Lake from where you stand.

Slurpy sump

Land near the southeast side of the Slurpy Swamp. The TV will be on the other side of the river and sit between a few trees.

Catty Corner

Land south of Catty Corner, near the cliff side which is not snow free. From here you will walk around until you see a small campsite – it will be on the cliff just north of the island in that area.

And that’s it! Fortnite Chapter 6, Season 7 begins soon, and all signs point to a kind of alien invasion. Before that happens, check back here for more XP-rewarding Fortnite guides!

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