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Fortnite Season 6 Unlimited Health Defects Revealed

Fortnite controller players have been complaining about a frustrating stock error for well over a year. Finally, after months of silence, Epic has acknowledged the problem.

Fortnite is one of the first and only games that provides a platform for competitive gaming. Control players on all platforms compete in the same bracket as PC players on mice and keyboards.

You can mention the pros and cons of each input, but there are a few things that fall outside the typical “balance” conversation. One of these things is a bug that has affected controller players for well over a year.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support

Epic responds to prolonged Fortnite controller failure

This control inventory bug has been in the game since NICKMERCS still streamed Fortnite every day.

Throughout Fortnite’s lifetime, controller players would open the warehouse to find the cursor on their first track. From there, it was consistency regarding where you wanted to move weapons and objects or drop materials to a teammate.

An error appeared over a year ago, which led to players in the controller receiving their equipped item as the first to be selected when they opened the warehouse. What’s worse is that sometimes more items will be selected, and it will freeze the screen, forcing you to go back and re-enter the warehouse.

Naturally, this led to a lot of frustration in society. Several Reddit threads appeared and showed up and complained about the error, but Epic never seemed to notice.

This was the case for Redditor gh0stly2 tagged the epic development team in the comments to one of these posts. “We know you see these things,” he wrote, “and it is really unacceptable that this has been in the game for a whole year. . Get rid of it. “

To their surprise, the team responded and said: “Thank you for the label and made us aware. Eyes on it now, ”and confirms that they are tracking the problem.

At the time of writing, the issue is still not posted on the Trello card on Fortnite Community Issues, but the Reddit post is only a day old. We expect to see the issue resolved in a future update, as Epic still needs to investigate.

This change may come a little late, but it’s good to know that Epic is finally looking at the problem and will work on a solution. For now, that’s all we can ask for.

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