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Fortnite receives another map update to celebrate the winter season

Having been leaked earlier in one of the biggest computer cases in Fortnite's history, the map has finally been completely covered by snow.

Epic Games has made a name for itself by always updating the map and giving players new events to look forward to.

Now that Christmas is in most places in the world, the snow has finally over the Fortnite map to call in high season.

While snow first appeared on the southwest corner of the map when season 7 started on December 6, some upload game will now be faced with a map completely covered in snow.

Data miners were the first to hint at the upcoming change to the map during a massive leak on December 18, which revealed everything from 14 Days of Fortnite challenges to forthcoming skins.

While many Fortnite leaks become reality, this is yet another that ended up being fulfilled, just as expected.

Most interesting with everything with this latest map update is that there was no word at all from Epic on the change.

Usually, they are the first to inform the community of new events or upcoming changes on the map, but they have been silent on the issue as the players only discovered it by uploading the map as Christmas day rolled around.

With another v7.10 update on December 30, it is likely that there is much more in stock for the game in the coming days.

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