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Fortnite player detects control bow that causes weapons to shoot on their own

There is a bug in Fortnite Battle Royale that hinders the gaming experience of those who play with a controller.

The current error is one that causes the players' weapons to burn themselves without the player pressing the shoot button at any time.

This problem seems to blink when a player quickly switches from the building interface to a weapon or toggles in their inventory.

Reddit user & # 39; nNived & # 39; Bringing this problem to light in a video he posted on December 26, showing that his game consistently glitters every time he switches from his buildings to a weapon or spike.

In his video, he shows a controller simulator directly on the screen that shows exactly which buttons he pushes at some point in time, clearly showing that his weapon is being kicked without touching the slider.

As shown in the video, the bay forces all the weapons in the warehouse to automatically burn when it is replaced, as he demonstrates by switching from the shotgun to his notch to his SMG, which everyone begins to shoot until he finally gets it stop.

It seems that the only way to stop this error is to press the slider when automatic firing begins. While this may work to stop automatic weapons such as SMGs from continuing to burn, it will not do anything to prevent firearms such as shotguns or shooters from shooting off their only shot.

This clearly shows a multi-level problem for control players, as they release unnecessary ammunition, give away their position, and potentially cause damage to their own health and build if switching to a weapon with vibrator .

The comment section for the video was full of players who expressed their own frustrations with this controller.

The Fortnite Community Trello page currently shows a problem similar to titled "auto shooting when using a gamepad." However, the description indicates that a player must switch to trap first and then a weapon to cause automatic firing , which is certainly not the case in the video above.

If this is a completely different problem, it is not yet officially recognized by the Epic Games, which could spell bad news for players since it has not yet been investigated and a solution is not being developed.

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