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Fortnite now gives you a reward if you turn on two-factor authentication

I have avoided the depth of the distraction that gives millions of people who download Fortnite . I do not play much. But I get the emails telling me that people are trying to hack my account and finally have done something about it.

A quick overview of the Kotaku staff indicates that getting security alerts from Epic is one thing. Those of us who have just created an account with Fortnite maker Epic Games has later received emails with the subject line "Epic Games – Help Protect Your Account", followed by the disturbing news like Epic "discovered a number of failed login attempt for your epic game account. "

I have received this email three times since July 4, when I first logged in to an epic account to play Fortnite . Every time, "epic friend friends" invited me to enable two-factor authentication, which complements your password log with another code transferred via an app, email or text. Any reasonable person, including myself, has two-factor activated on its many online accounts. I have just not had it on my epic, and as the stupid Fortnite player I am, did nothing about what the storm of apparent hackers out there closed.

] Fortnite s newest patch dangles a reward if you beat two-factor. I saw a Tweet about it last night and I'm going to be cursed, this is what made me do it: it would unlock a feeling in the game.

Again I hardly play fortnite . I notice it. I see my nephew playing it. I have tried some rounds. I only have other games to play and have locked up almost nothing in it. The only dance fashion I had at 9 o'clock was the usual starter called Dance Moves. From 11 am I'm two-billed and can now make the epic rarity Boogie Down as well.

Boogie Down Emote is new to the game, by the way. It was created as part of a competition launched by Epic last year, with the winner announced in April and now added the game in this most unusual way.


People are all kind of terrible about their internet security: they use obvious passwords. They do not turn on two-factor authentication. Perhaps most reckless, they do not even click on all the pictures in the security network that contain cars in them. What if all it took to get us better on this was an unlocked reward? What about the key to better personal safety was a video game opening? Two-factor that Nintendo account and raise the rocket capacity in Metroid Prime 4 with five? Create a stronger Xbox Live password and get a tank in Forza Horizon 4 ? These are just suggestions. Epic can be on something here.

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