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Fortnite is coming to Android soon, but we have some bad news – BGR

Available on almost any platform that matters except Android, Fortnite is a monster hit with players right now. The game should start soon on Android as well, but the word on the street is that it can be a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive for the first 30 days. But we have even worse news than that and it can even be a deal-breaker for some Android users.

After tinkering with the source code from the Fortnite Mobile site, xda developers discovered that Epic Spill plans to instruct users how to download and install the game on their Android smartphone. Unfortunately, the instructions do not consist of a simple link to the Google Play store that will let people download the game.

Instead, users are told how to upload the app to a device, which means you install the app directly from a browser. Redditor thesbros was able to view the pictures that would pass some through the installation.

Image Source: xda Developers via Reddit

] As you can see, Epic seems to encourage users to allow installation of applications from unknown sources on their phones . This is necessary since the page reads "to install any apps outside the Play Store."

This kind of review means that Epic does not intend to provide the game through the Google Play store.

Why would Epic do such things? We must wait and see if the bypass of Google's app store is actually what Epic ends up doing. But it's certainly not good news for Android users. Especially if Epic makes it out of greed, to avoid paying the 30% fee for app purchases to Google.

More importantly, it's a bad idea to allow apps on your phone from other sources because it opens the door for unwanted consequences. Many people may be technically knowledgeable enough to do this, but not all of them, and especially some children. Also, if this is the way to install Fortnite on Android, you can bet on your V-Bucks that hackers will create fake Fortnite games for Android to try tricking unsuspecting users to download malware on their devices.

Comparing iPhone, you can install Fortnite right from the App Store, which means that Epic pays 30% to Apple on the platform. Hopefully, Epic will start playing through the Google Play store in the end and there will be some reasonable explanation for this discovery.

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