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Fortnite Freebie comes for some after 14 Days Event Mix-Up

The last 14 days of the Fortnite event have packaged a bit faster than any players expected. Epic has confirmed that it shared an inaccurate date when the challenges would expire, and it gives one of its special benefits to make up for it.

"We are sorry to communicate the wrong end date for 14 days of fortnite on social channels," Epic wrote on his Twitter account . The company had indicated that players would have time after all 14 days of challenges were offered to complete them all. It turned out not to be the case, much to the chagrin of players who counted on the extra time to challenge the challenges.

As an excuse, Epic will release the 1

4th reward – the Equalizer slider – to Everyone who completed at least one of the event's challenges. Those who qualify for freebie get the item in "near future", but an exact timetable was not shared.

The current transducer has an equalizer on it and some accompanying music that is played while it is triggered. You can watch it in action here.

The news of this freebie comes just like the next set of challenges, those for Week 5 of Season 7, are set to be released on January 3. Meanwhile, a new Fortnite patch has been released which in turn introduces new content, including a boom box.

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