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Fortnite: Four Ways to Balance X-4 Stormwing

While most Fortnite communities are currently looking forward to the Infinity Blade being vaulted, many are still upset by another aspect of the game that was recently introduced.

X-4 Stormwing was added to Fortnite at the start of season 7 and while players began to gawking over the crazy games the vehicle brought, the honeymoon period is over and people are calling for changes.

Epic Games has announced that injured players are wrecking their aircraft will be increased with the v7.10 update, but it alone may not be enough to balance this Fortnite vehicle.

Here are our top four ways. The X-4 Stormwing can be changed to limit its overall efficiency.

1. Remove the towers

It's nothing like being in the midst of a construction match or even just running over the map and having a Stormwing begins to immediately figure down bullets on you with little ways to counteract it.

Every other vehicle in Fortnite is simply used to cross the map while a teammate fighter from the passenger seat and there is no reason why Stormwing can not be the same. It will still be the fastest way to get over the map, which makes it great for rotations, but it would prevent the plane from becoming so dominant in play.

2. Add a fuel tank

While the other Fortnite vehicles do not currently have fuel tanks, it may be time to rethink this concept. This is especially true when considering that players often fly Stormwings around in circles during the late game to wait the circle, as shown during NA Winter Royale.

Entering a limited fuel tank prevents players from flying the air infinity and adding a little more strategy to the equation. The concept is already used by PUBG and will certainly be a welcome addition to the game.

3. Add injury when flying to structures

Being able to fly through structures without punishment at all is too strong of a function that is allowed to stay in game. If structures can be destroyed immediately, it should follow that the aircraft either becomes completely broken or at least significantly damaged when it crashes into something.

Whether this change would be harm or just destruction would once again force the players to be more strategic with the use of the aircraft. Removing the turbid element in Stormwing will go a long way to balance this vehicle.

4. Just vault it

This might be a cheap option, but that's an option anyway. Just as Epic did with Infinity Blade, Stormwing could be a quick solution for the plan to take some time to review things and come up with some possible solutions.

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