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Fortnite Drafts NBA Star LeBron James

LeBron James goes for a massive dunk in stylized Fortnite cargo artwork.

Picture: Epic games

The last Fortnite crossover is about NBA star LeBron James, who will appear in the game on July 14 before his entry the awful look Space Jam follow-up this weekend. Oh, and he has Taco Tuesday outfits for some reason. Mmm, miserable.

I’m not going to lie, these are two things I’m not interested in, but I can not deny James looks pretty fly in the traditionally boring Fortnite style. His standard, casual attire is highlighted with a floating crown – a reference to his nickname “King James” – and black crystal tints in the form of his iconic lion logo. There is also a slider that extends the look with increasing spots of gold if you prefer a shiny look. His kicks are even based on real shoes, Nike LeBron 19s, which are without a doubt easier to handle in the game than in real life.

LeBron also comes with a skin based on his Tune Squad look in Space Jam: A New Legacy for the five people who are still excited about that kind of thing.

Since it Avengers: Infinity War event in 2018, Fortnite has had dozens of crossovers with other fictional universes, from Terminator to Rick and Morty. But sometimes the popular battle king also invites real people to the mix. James joins an eclectic group of former guest stars who include popular internet personalities Ninja and TheGrefg, musicians J Balvin and Marshmello, and even other athletes such as football stars Neymar Jr., Harry Kane and Marco Reus.

While Fortnite previously collaborating with the NBA as a whole back in May, with customizable jerseys based on the league’s 30 teams and specific cosmetic bundles dedicated to Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young, this is the first time a basketball player can be played in the game. I would say LeBron James, with the legacy he has inherited during his 18 years in the league, was a great choice for this important occasion.

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