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Fortnite: All time-tested test sites

All time-tested places in Fortnite

Another week challenges another Fortnite Battle Royale. Like all seasons, the challenges packed into Season 5 Battle Pass have varied from extremely easy to quite difficult. A challenge in week 6, which will see players completing timed trials across the map may seem difficult at first, but when you know what to do, this difficult challenge will be a breeze. Here are all the time-tested test places.

What you're looking for at the start of each place is a floating blue bell. After going through one of these bells, you see that blue markers appear around you. Just collect them all at the specified time and you have completed the test. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, some of these can be quite difficult as you are asked to build to reach any of the cursors. If you are not good at building, you can decide which places you will need to build during the trials and build in advance. If you are good at building, be prepared with lots of materials.

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 1

Listen to the desert on the map and look for the oasis. Nearby you will find a waterfall. Head to the base of it and almost right in front of it, you should see a blue clock indicating a time trial.

Coordination: 302

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 2

To find this clock, you will need to go to Pleasant Park, especially the section outside the area between Pleasant Park and Junk Junction. Almost right between these two maps, you should find a bundle of trees. Just outside these trees you will find the time you are looking for.

Coordinate: 48

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 3

Like the previous location, you'll find this timed sample between two map locations. In this case, you search for the bridge between Lazy Links and Tomat Town. Once at the bridge, head south and in the river you will find the time you are looking for.

Coordination: 3

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 4

One of the simplest time-tested test places, this starting point is found in Snobby Shores. Go to the southernmost house – it has a white brick wall around its perimeter. Once there, head east and just at the start of a nearby hill, you will find a blue bell that floats over the grass.

Coordination: 255

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 5

Possibly the easiest place in Simplicity alone, go to the "R" of Retail Row on the map. In the hedges in that area you will see the timed trial location you are looking for.

Coordinate: 87

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 6

Go directly to Lonely Lodge. From there you go to the lonely lodge. On top of that's the roof, you should discover the floating blue clock indicating the start of a time-delayed test.

Coordinate: 230

Fortnite Timed Trial Location 7

This seventh and last time-tested test placement is located between Shifty Shafts and Salt Springs. In the valley of the surrounding hills is a river. On the southeastern side of the river, hidden in a collection of rocks, is the time you need.

Coordinate: 158

That's all there is to know about time-tested places in Fortnite. For more on the game, check out our season 5 wiki.

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