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Former Blizzard Devs Reveal They are currently doing a Marvel Game

If there is one aspect of the MCU that has not been exploited enough for this tab, it is the video game market. As an avid gamer, I can think of a lot of great ideas for games with Marvel Studios, take on their iconic superheroes. Nevertheless, we really have nothing that has been very good over the last 10 years since Iron Man began the MCU.

Probably the best received Marvel game has been Spider-Man ] which was a PS4 exclusive. None of the other heroes has any more than cheap budget cash in games and mobile games, and it is such a shame that you look at what could have been done.

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There are some rumors circling around some amazing games, but I hope I can lift things up . In fact, such a game has just been revealed by gaming outlet Kotaku . In a new studio Second Dinner report, they revealed that the team is currently working on a new Marvel game and has received a $ 30 million investment from the Chinese company NetEase.

This development study has a true pedigree and is made up of former Blizzard developers who worked on games such as World of Warcraft and Hearthstone . These guys left Blizzard to set up their own studio and have not been heard about the site. Now it looks like it's because they've been working on a secret Marvel game.

We have no details on what this game can bring, or when it can first be revealed, but it is good to know that making some good games with this IP address seems to be some ambition.

Looking for more video games set in MCU like me, does this give you any hope? Mute at the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Kotaku

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