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Five Tips for Starting Super Smash Bros. ultimate

If you've just downloaded Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it can be a little difficult to figure out where to start with everything the game has to offer from the start.

Smash Ultimate really lives up to its name by giving players lots of things to do right off the bat while containing most of the characters, stages and music tracks in the Smash story.

As such, we've put together the five things you should do when you first get the game to give you a good idea of ​​what it has to offer.

Unlock All The Characters

Smash Ultimate has a fast-paced 74 character on the roster at launch, by far the most in serial history. However, when you first start Smash Ultimate, you realize that only eight of them are unlocked, meaning the first thing you want to do is unlock the entire router.

While you can unlock them by just playing the game modes, we come in later in this guide, which may end up taking some time.

There is a much faster way out there that gives you all the characters in just a few hours, giving the chance to see the full range of the router almost immediately.

Play classic mode

The next two listings on the list are somewhat interchangeable, but in classical mode there is less time, this is a good place to go to the next.

Classic Mode is the old-school Smash that fans will know and love. Each character has a unique path filled with battles and other surprises that will give you a feel for each character's special moves.

It's also the second fastest way to unlock all the characters, which means it's a good choice if the repetitive nature of the above method is too much for you.

Play the world of light

] Once you've got a feel for the game, you can enter the World of Light, the game's wild adventure mode that has an incredible depth.

As shown in the game's opening movie, your favorite characters have been overcome by a mysterious entity, with only Kirby who manages to escape unharmed. From that point on, you will cross the battle for battle to save the various characters in the game through different unique battles.

Unlocking a character in the World of Light will also unlock them in other modes, but the speed at which they unlock is very slow compared to the above methods. If you want to play World of Light, you just do it for fun, rather than as a way to unlock characters.

Get some online games in

Now that you've dabbled in the main modes of Smash Ultimate, it's time to try your luck at some online games. Of course this is not for everyone, but it never hurts to test your skills against other players out there!

There are two main ways to play online: Quickplay and Battle Arenas. Quickplay will match you with another player (or players) for a series of games with your Global Smash Power (GSP), the game's online ranking system, on the line. Battle Arenas are rooms that can be set up to play against friends or others with a custom set of rules.

Although the connections are not perfect, the Internet is still a great way to get a feel for playing against other players if you have no locals to play with.

Have fun!

Most of all just having fun with the game! This is the most comprehensive product Nintendo has released to date, and it's enough to sink your teeth into.

Whether you're planning to be competitive in the game or just play it for fun with your friends, the game has something for everyone taste and should be nothing but fun at the end of the day.

See everyone online!

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