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Five great settings for fine-tuning cartridges

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Screenshot: People can fly / Square Enix

As if there were not enough looters around, Outriders is out today. There are a lot of games, with many settings that can affect how you play. Some are obvious; some are not. It goes without saying that such things are a matter of taste, but I have found that the following adjustments have made my time at Enoch more enjoyable.

Auto Loot Minimum Rarity

Like every exchange-based game ever, Outriders has a color-coded gear ranking system:

  • White (plain)
  • Green (unusual)
  • Blue (rare)
  • Purple (epic)
  • Orange (legendary

Outriders includes a reduction system for FOMO equipment. You can set it so that when you quickly travel to a new place at the end of the stages, you round up all the missing equipment of a certain quality. If you want to get everything, put it together. If it rotates your bearing, you can push it up a few notches.

Auto Set Maximum World Tier

Difficulties with Outriders dictated by so-called “world levels”, a leveling system that complements the character’s progress. World level 1 is “history” difficulty, 3 is “normal”, 5 is “expert”, all the way up to 15 (“madness”). If you bet on, say, world value 4, you must earn enough experience points to level up to level 5; you must earn enough at level 5 to reach level 6; and so on. Each new level makes the enemies tougher, but also allows you to earn and equip better equipment.

You can set the game to automatically set you to the highest unlocked level, but I prefer not to. It is better to have manual control over variables such as “how bad bullets hurt” and “how often you get the shiny things.”

Enable Crossplay

The Outriders demo offered crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox and PC in beta mode, but you had to turn it on manually. Throughout the game, crossplay is turned on by default. If you prefer to play only with people on the same platform, you must turn this off manually.

When the game’s crossplay works, it is super fun, but during the demo, I more often experienced disconnections while playing with a team spread across three platforms than I did while playing with just another PS5 player. I have not had a chance yet to test the crossover game in its entirety, but developing People Can Fly sier there are currently issues regarding PC console mounts.

Film smoothing of film

One of the most important complaints imposed Outriders demo focused on cutscenes. They were too shaky, players said, reminiscent of an action movie filmed with handheld cameras. People can fly recognized the problem, and so a solution was planned for launch.

Now, in the full game, you have something to do. If you increase the film smoothing, you can stabilize the camera. On PlayStation 5, I have found that setting it to 0.50 does the trick, but remember to play with the settings until you find out what works for you. Or – and this is meant especially for fans of Bourne trilogy director Paul Greengrass – turn it off completely.

Voting volume

Seriously, why is everyone in this game screaming?

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