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Five ‘Dead Startups’ from Juicero to Coolest Cooler parodied as toys

In the latter case, the internet collective MSCHF releases five famous boot errors as miniature toys for $ 40 each, or $ 160 for a set. Dead Startup Toys drop consists of Juicero juicer, the portable One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), Therano’s miniLab, Jibo social robot and Coolest Cooler, which MSCHF calls “the poster child for the pitfalls of crowdfunding.”

“This is not a memorial,” says the MSCHF, “but they may be a form of necromancy: we celebrate their pale shadows, deprived of their original context.” MSCHF invites us to “see these beautiful mutants, hoisted on the petards of its own solid-aluminum body construction.”


The flaws range from the overly ambitious and misleading One Laptop Per Child project – which sought to build an open source $ 100 laptop for use by children in developing countries – to Juicero juicers, which squeezed proprietary bags of ready-made juice just about as well as a couple human hands. Then there’s Coolest Cooler, one too many coolers that went through a chaotic misguided crowdfunding campaign. Rounding off the collection are toys based on Jibo’s social robot (which had “little or no practical functionality”, according to MSCHF) and Therano’s miniLab, a blood test machine the size of a printer that the company fraudulently claimed would diagnose a number of diseases.

Many of MSCHF’s previous projects have increased the ire of the companies they have parodied. It recently launched a “voluntary recall” of the unofficially modified Satanic-themed sneakers in response to a Nike trademark dispute. It also received a withdrawal from Boston Dynamics after attaching a paintball gun to the back of one of the company’s Spot robot dogs and letting members of the public control it in an art gallery. “We condemn the portrayal of our technology in any way that promotes violence, harm or threat,” Boston Dynamics said at the time.

Limited edition toys are available now, directly from MSCHF.

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