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First Look at New "Mad Box" Gaming Console Design Revealed

Earlier this week, Litt Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell announced the company developed Mad Box, a new standalone video game console to compete with PlayStation and Xbox. Bell has now revealed a few details about the mysterious platform, including how an early version of it looks.

The first photos of Mad Box were shared by Bell's official Twitter account, which you can see below. The console resembles a PC, with an M-shaped tower and the Lite Mad Studios logo etched to one side. The system's internal components have been blurred in the pictures, but as Bell says the team is still in discussion. He also notes this is "not the final design."

According to Bell, Mad Box is very lightweight and has a workable carrying handle at the top so you can easily transport it. He also says that the system "will talk to other Mad Boxes without cables", even if he does not extend any further.

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Bell requirements Mad Box is "the most powerful console ever built," with specifications such as "equivalent to a very fast PC two years from now." Speaking to Variety, he said the system "will support most large VR headphones" and allow up to 90 frames per second "per eye" for virtual reality games. He also says that the system will offer 4K visuals.

Price and release details for Mad Box have not yet been announced, but Bell says the system will be shipped worldwide in three years and be "competitive with future console prices."

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