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First impressions: Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is not perfect, but you’ll probably still get one

When Apple first introduced the iPhone 12 and MagSafe back in October, it immediately struck me that the perfect case was for battery packs. Finally, nine months later, an official Apple MagSafe battery pack is here. We have got one and have many thoughts to share.

Design and finish

First and foremost, the battery pack is not silicone like Apple’s previous smart battery cases. It is a soft-touch plastic that feels unlike any other existing Apple product. In fact, it almost feels like the inside of the original 2006 white MacBook. The white soft-touch plastic is also a completely different shade of white than Apple’s white silicone case. It is much lighter and much more explicitly white. So if you are planning to use the MagSafe battery pack with a white MagSafe case, you just know that they do not match. It will not look as seamless as the old white smart battery covers.

iPhone 11 Pro Max smart battery cover next to iPhone MagSafe battery pack

The battery pack itself is thicker than the iPhone 12 inside a MagSafe silicone case. It’s quite bulky. It is also quite heavy and definitely adds a lot of weight to your lightweight iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini. This will definitely make the stainless steel pro models feel even heavier than they already are. But remember that this battery pack is easy to remove – that’s the main advantage of MagSafe. Unlike the old battery cases, you can hold a case on and remove the battery when you do not want extra weight.

The bottom of the MagSafe battery pack

On the other side of the battery pack is a smooth silicone gray pad that prevents the back of the iPhone from getting scratched. At the bottom of the battery pack there is a quick connector that allows you to charge the battery alone or charge both the iPhone and the battery pack together. There is also a small LED next to the socket, such as the one on the AirPods charging bag that indicates the power status.

The MagSafe battery pack fits nicely on the back of the sizes iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it can feel a little difficult due to how thick it is. On the iPhone 12 mini, however, it feels more natural. This is because the MagSafe battery pack is as wide as the iPhone 12 mini, so it feels in tune with the case. One concern I have is that you can see the thin white edges sticking out in front of the iPhone 12 mini. This is because magnets allow the package to change slightly.


The MagSafe battery pack clicks right on the back of the iPhone 12 like the MagSafe wallet, although magnets are significantly stronger. While charging both the battery pack and the iPhone together, you may feel the battery getting hot. This should not be surprising given that the battery uses Qi charging coils.

Once the battery is connected to an iPhone, you can connect a lightning charger directly to the battery, or you can connect it to the iPhone. As we have written about, when you connect the quick connector to the iPhone, you can use it to charge the battery pack wirelessly in reverse order.

Charging AirPods on the MagSafe battery pack

Since the MagSafe battery pack is basically just a Qi charger with magnets, it can charge any other Qi-compatible device. For example, you can pick AirPods or AirPods Pro on the MagSafe battery pack if you remove it from iPhone. Technically, you can also charge Android phones, older Qi-compatible iPhones and other wireless earbuds with Qi charger. This is a very good bonus that comes with the fact that the battery can be easily removed.


The MagSafe battery pack integrates with iOS 14.7, so you can see the charge in the battery application and on the lock screen. Unfortunately, iOS 15 beta 3 does not include the necessary components to display the status of the battery pack correctly. Although you can see the charge with another icon. Hopefully we get beta 4 soon. In the meantime, you can see what the MagSafe battery pack looks like in the battery module below from an image on the Apple website.

When you charge AirPods on the MagSafe battery pack, you will also see the charge status in the battery module. This is of course expected behavior, since they already do so when they are on another Qi charger.


The MagSafe battery pack is far from perfect. It is thick and heavy, but it provides the necessary tools. This is an Apple product that definitely tackles function first and forms others. There are probably many reasons behind Apple’s decisions with this accessory, especially due to the limitations and security issues that come with Qi technology. The battery itself weighs about a quarter of a pound, so it’s not particularly light. It is 2.5 x 3.75 and is just under half an inch thick.

MagSafe battery pack and box

Many people wondered if the MagSafe battery pack would work when you have a case on your iPhone. The answer is yes! At this time, we have only been able to test the MagSafe battery pack with Apple’s first-party cases or approved third-party MagSafe cases. It will probably not work well with cases that are not Apple-approved.

If you charge your iPhone using an iPad Air or iPad Pro, keep in mind that you cannot charge it when the MagSafe battery pack is connected. You can leave them separately but not together.

If you were a fan of Apple’s latest smart battery cases and often used the built – in shutter button, you’ll be sad to know that there’s not one on the MagSafe battery pack. Instead, just use the volume buttons.

In terms of battery capacity, we expect the MagSafe package to fully charge an iPhone 12 mini, while it can probably charge the other three models enough to save you a pinch. We’ll be back in a few days to tell you how the battery works, but it’s too early to tell.


The MagSafe battery pack is available for pickup at Apple stores starting today for $ 99. You can also order one online and have it delivered to your home. The battery pack is available in one color, white. So you can not pick one up to match your red or black MagSafe cases.

Can you get a MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12? Let us know in the comments below!

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