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Final Fantasy 14 is so popular that Square Enix … stopped selling it

Digital copies for Final Fantasy 14: Online Complete Edition were paused according to online reports and confirmed by IGN. While the sales page has resumed for Final Fantasy 14, the break may be due to MMORPG’s exploding popularity.

Over the weekend, social media users reported that the Square Enix Store listing for digital PC copies of Final Fantasy 14: Online was dimmed and replaced with a “Waitlist” button. Final Fantasy 14 was still under “Waiting List” when IGN checked the store listing this morning, although digital sales have since resumed.

Many speculated that the break in digital sales was a result of Final Fantasy 14’s popularity. And in fact, there is some credibility to this theory.

Credit: Reddit, u / Polydopamine

Credit: Reddit, u / Polydopamine

Like other MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 has multiple servers, and the most popular servers are often congested, preventing new players from immediately creating new characters there. This is not to say that the servers are full, but that they have capacity right now, and that players can wait for less busy times to join.

Yesterday, every server was reportedly overloaded, which means that any new player hoping to join a server will not be able to do so. IGN reached out to Square Enix for further details on the situation, but they declined to comment.

If the overload was indeed the case, it makes sense to stop digital sales for Final Fantasy 14. New players will not be able to get started immediately after downloading the brand new copy of FF14, even if they wanted to.

Stopping digital game sales may have been a way to prevent players from logging into Final Fantasy 14 for the first time only to be rejected due to server capacity.

According to Square Enix’s own server status page, congestion has decreased, and many of the data center’s most popular servers are available again. This may be the reason why Final Fantasy 14’s digital sales have resumed.

But whether this is a result of popularity or a technical problem is unclear. Final Fantasy 14 has had a record year of breaking its simultaneous player record on Steam and again increasing the total number of registered players. Popular streamers have also started creating content around the Square Enix MMORPG.

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This is also a boom year as Final Fantasy 14 often sees an influx of players ahead of a new expansion and Square Enix recently announced Endwalker will be released on November 19th. See IGN’s huge interview with FF14 director Naoki Yoshida for more info.

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