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FIFA 19 News: Could EA's upcoming football title utilize one of Fortnite's best features? | Gaming | Entertainment

Fortnite was released last year, but has seen its user base grow at a dizzying rate in recent months.

The Epic Games title allows players to seamlessly transition from Xbox One to Nintendo Switch on Airplane.

Users can carry over their stats in addition to their Battle Pass.

Express.co.uk recently started FIFA 19 and was eager to ask the EA Sports Creative Director Matthew Prior if similar functionality could come to the sports flagship. [19659005] The first insisted feature has been "discussed" but did not work if it had been internal to the publisher or with Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo.

He told this publication: "It's something we've discussed, I mean we're proud of being a player first and I think if you look from a perspective on players, the wider and bigger is the society, it's only beneficial to everyone.

"You know more people playing and the more opportunity to play is just a th

EA Sports Creative Director does not exclude the possibility that such a feature will come in a future update.

Earlier, continued: "So, that's something we've discussed, and that's something potential for the future."

"We're not talking about something right now, but as a gamer myself, I think it would be a good thing for the wider community. "

Cross-platform games are available in a number of

Rocket League also offers platform games between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Xbox players are notified when they play against someone using the Japanese hybrid

Meecraft also allows players on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to play together.

PlayStation's lack of collaboration on this front has led to big fanbacklash.

This has led to some Fortnite players beating of their PlayStation 4 accounts for Xbox One and Switch so that they can seamlessly transform their statistics between a home console and handheld for example.

But Sony has recently suggested that it could enable cross-platform games In the future.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden insisted The company was "hearing" conversations from players to bring PlayStation players into the board.

He said, "We hear it. We are looking at many possibilities."

"You can imagine that the circumstances around it affect much more than just one game.

"I'm sure we'll get a solution that will be understood and accepted by the gaming community while supporting our business."

Although the crossword game is not confirmed for FIFA 1

9, under Express.co.uks hands On the game, we experienced a number of major changes in the year's installment.

"50/50 Battles" is by far the biggest addition this year, which drastically changes how players compete for a loose ball.

The new feature allows players from both sides to use their feet in important collisions for possession.

There are a number of other changes that come when FIFA 19 launches September 28th, you can read our full preview of the game here.

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