With so many telephone companies that release physical headphone jacks in favor of a Bluetooth-dominated music experience, we are even more aware of the victims we make on the wireless route. In addition to worries about latency, battery life and audio reliability, it is also important to consider setup problems; While it's easy to connect a pair of wired headsets and immediately hear Bluetooth pairing is not always as straightforward. Last year, Google took steps to simplify things with the introduction of its Fast Pair system, and today we get words about the latest quick-connect enhancements.

Fast Pair, as you remember, uses Bluetooth Low Energy to detect new devices, helping to initiate the pairing process. With a streamlined alert-based interface, Fast Pair allows users to set up and help install all desired companions with far more merit than plodding through system menus.

We saw the adoption of devices like Pixel Buds, and since then Google seems to be working hard to get more manufacturers using Fast Pair.

Although the feature has worked well so far, Google will expand its game by expanding Fast Pair to work across your Google Account. As you move on, pairing data is synced to Android devices associated with your account, including future phones. The same Android 6.0 + restriction applies as when Fast Pair was first launched, but it's even less a problem today (get yourself a new phone!).

We also get a little dream of Fast Pair coming to Chromebooks at some point in the new year. Google's ETA is no more specific than that, but there's something to look forward to ̵

1; especially considering the missing headset connector on devices like Pixel Slate.