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Far Cry New Dawn is the beginning of a new world & # 39; – Here's all we know

The last moments of Far Cry 5 were quite intense to all who made it until the end of the game. Making a particular choice triggered an end where the father, the culprit's villain of that game, forced the player character to a bunker, just like the atomic bombs began to fall all over the world. The father's prophecy about end times proved to be right, and the apocalypse came for Hope County – and the rest of the world.

However, it is not the end of history. Ubisoft Montreal picks up the thread with Far Cry New Dawn, both a sequel to and a spin-off game from Far Cry 5. Ubisoft Montreal officially unveiled New Dawn at The Game Awards, but gave GameSpot an early look at the title of his studio . It takes place in Far Cry 5s Hope County 1

7 years after bombs fell ,, long after a devastating atomic winter almost erases all life instead. But life found a way, including some human life, and after six years of nuclear weapons, it also went down. The environment has stabilized in Hope County, and with it, plants and animals have returned. Survivor resumes civilization on a transformed version of Far Cry 5's map, and it goes well.

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Or it was anyway. Before the start of the game, a tough-as-nails group of riders discovered, as the highways appeared in the county and took over. This is where you come in. As a survivor from another place (and a healthy character, instead of a holdover from Far Cry 5), you take it on yourself to take down the highways and rebuild the settlements in Hope County.

"Bringing Far Cry to a Post-Apocalypse Setting is something we really wanted to do long," says art director Isaac Papismado to GameSpot. "It's something that really excites us and this is an opportunity for us to really make Far Cry- thing. We really want something unique and refreshing to the player. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas about what a post-apocalyptic setting should look like, but we really wanted to bring the player a place that is very refreshing for him. "

Just because the world has seen nuclear war does not mean everything has been destroyed, though. As Papismado said, Ubisoft Montreal was not interested in building the end of the world but something else.

" We really want to focus on to build the beginning of this new world, "he said." And so from the beginning we knew we wanted something super colorful and inviting. "

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It led to the idea of ​​Super Bloom, which happens in deserts. The team talked with experts and investigated how nuclear war can affect the environment, and a possible effect is desertification, change of certain biomes in deserts. While Far Cry New Dawn's ideas are not strictly scientific – the developers took freedoms with some ideas, they said , such as animals that have been changed by the nuclear war – the landscape actors will meet is anchored in reality.

New Dawn is connected to Far Cry 5 by both games taking place in the same place, but the world has been heavily transformed between the two experiences. The tournament title also focuses on some different ideas, such as happening and surviving in Wasteland, and offers major battle challenges, both alone and with another player like in Far Cry 5. New Dawn is its own story and its own package, but links between The two games still exist. You will meet a few characters from Far Cry 5, explaining director Jean-Sebastien Decant – and the teaser of the game at The Game Awards showed that the Father has managed to survive the end of the world, even though we did not

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Apex Predators

Far Cry games are almost always defined by their bad guys, and in New Dawn there are two: Mickey and Joe, murderous twin sisters who control the highways. The young women dominate a culture based on taking things from others so they are quite tough – and Ubisoft showed that their story contained taking over the highways from their father as they killed after he became "a problem" and apparently killed one of his own.

All the signs have been fundamentally shaped by what they experienced after bombs fell, and the author Olivia Alexander explained, and in the twins they got them a view of the world fundamentally opposed to the survivors of Hope County.

"They are incredibly shaped by the world to grow up," Alexander said. "It was a world of scarcity and lawlessness, and every good villain always believes that they are doing the right thing, and that's just twins. They are here for a while, not long. The Survivor philosophy is to plan for tomorrow These guys live for today, they are very much product of a world of, like nihilism. They are very much instead of oh, you know, God is dead, let's be sad, that's hello, nothing matters – let we're having a party and enjoying yourself. Even if we have a party it hurts people around. "

The idea of ​​two villains instead of one means that Ubisoft Montreal tries to cut out both characters, and Alexander said that he had two antagonists creating an interesting dynamics. It is one that the players should be able to see first hand, at least in the case of how the leadership of twin people filters down through the joints of the Highwaymen. Ubisoft Montreal showed the beginning of an assignment under his orientation, where the gamer infiltrates the Highwaymen as a fighter in his gladiator-style games.

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The plan is to climb the highways ranks and disturb the organization from the inside, but it also gives a look at their culture. The highways are fundamentally quieter and healthier than survivors, but one of the more surprising aspects of an early trip to the battlefields is that they also have children around – just like survivors. The highways are a civilization for themselves, and while they are predators, they still have certain values. They work for each other, even though they are so terrible about it. Like the twins, the highways are a response to the circumstances that people struggle to survive a new world.

Alexander said a big theme that runs through Far Cry New Dawn is the idea that people look after each other. The survivors and motorways are fundamentally opposed, but each takes care of themselves, in their own way.

You still have to take a whole bunch of highways, but it's typical of a Far Cry game. This time, however, you will find the enemy's ranger consisting of different tiers of enemies, each with their own difficulty level and fighting possibilities. They are best identified by their armor, which is mostly distance from motocross gear, with the animals of the bone blended in to give the highways a top carnivorous appearance.

Fiendeer has varying degrees of armor and toughness, and the worst villains to handle: Enforcers: heavily armed and armored highways to be sent to chase you and get you out. You will not only randomly experience enemies in the world or fight them as you try to take down their outposts – some highways will also be on your path.

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Building civilization

Ubisoft Montreal's post-apocalypse is a colorful, but it is also one that recognizes a lifestyles based on tearing objects of the old world. Much of the game has a provisional, ramshackle aesthetic – which will apply to your equipment throughout the game. Attachments to weapons such as shovels or bayonets are made of, for example, pipes or kitchen knives.

The New Dawn Signature Army, and a perfect reflection of the pre-project style, is the Saw Launcher. In its simplest way, there is an engineered elbow that slings radial saw blades on enemies, but it is easy to see how it is constructed from scavenged motorcycle parts and other trash. In accordance with Ubisoft Montreal's attempt to do its post-apocalypse, it feels credible, although not realistic, Decant said developers were trying to build a Saw Launcher version to see if they could make it work. In the digital world, the gun at least looks like something you can build out of things you found scattered in the ruins, with moving bicycle chains and pieces of handles that act as key components.

The altered look is not just an aesthetic choice, though. Decant said the team placed greater emphasis on scavenging and crafts in New Dawn, to reflect a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. And post-apocalyptic lifestyle is a big part of the game, as you can expect. Survivors in Hope County rebuild their community, and when you work to take back the area from the highways, you will also contribute to their settlement, prosperity. It is not clear yet what it will mean, although it seems as if you want to bring some survivors you meet in Hope County back to the state of prosperity for prosperity. The effort you enter will be reflected aesthetically as society expands, morale improves, and more and more people begin to appear.

Fixing prosperity will also give you some concrete benefits. The expanding site and the new people will mean specialists who can help you create and repair equipment.

Finally, improvements to the settlement will offer you new opportunities, such as one of the new additions to the franchise in New Dawn Expeditions.

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Collaborative Project

Expeditions are special missions that allow you to travel on highways outside of Hope County, which gives you a chance to explore more of the country in the wake of nuclear war. Decant called them "smash-and-grab" missions, and they look something like the players that handle and take over much of the Far Cry series. They are also challenges that can encourage you to partner with a friend, thanks to New Dawn's collaborative project.

On an expedition mission you will be looking for a bag of valuable supplies from a Highwaymen base, which will be bigger and better defended than many of the outposts you may encounter in Hope County. These supplies can be used to upgrade the Survivors base, which makes them quite valuable.

Your choices, as always in Far Cry, will shoot you in, or take a talk approach. With another person, coordination can be the key to survival and remaining undiscovered. However, when you get to the position of the bag and take it, the highways will be notified of your presence, anyway thanks to a GPS tracker in their goods. From there, the operation will be a continuous fire shot when you try to hold off reinforcements until your Survivor's helicopter is able to float in and save you.

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While expeditions seem built for two, you do not need a friend to enjoy these quests. Back from Far Cry 5 is the Guns For Hire system that lets you bring allies you meet in the game world. These include two animal friends: Timber, a faithful dog that can scare others, bigger animals. He can also jump through the car windows to more easily go with you, Decant said thanks to feedback from Far Cry 5. It's also Horatio, a giant blesser who can take five freeways at a time and smash cars.

You can issue the characters you play, like sending them to a place or asking them to snip an opponent, which makes them quite useful for the mission.

The expedition that was shown to journalists at Ubisoft Montreal took place in a ruined amusement park, complete with motorways that use slides for lookouts. The quick release started lukewarm, with the AI-controlled Gun for Hire Nana, a slightly grizzled older sniper who joined the player character. It did not happen, though, despite her best effort, Nana's silent sniping could not keep the highways from discovering the player.

Griped on the bag, the couple worked through the park against the edges, beaten by enemies carrying RPG, sniping from the tower, and driving into four-wheel drive. Before long, the helicopter dropped, allowing the player and Nana to escape the attack with the products they were playing for – but just barely.

Decant noted that each of the expeditions feels a little different. One takes players to the west coast and on a stranded flight fee, for example, which gives a more vertical experience. Another, located on a canyon-span in Arizona, wants the extra team of trying not to fall to death while fighting through it.

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Something for All

Far Cry New Dawn generally works like a regular Far Cry game married with some of a more arcade approach. Decant explained under the orientation that the franchise outpost, a player eliminates and takes over the whole game, has been tweaked to give more challenge. You will still take outposts and turn them into your faction, but now you can leave catch items if you choose. When you do, the highways will move in and take them back – and then consolidate them to make them tougher. The hope is that the increased challenge will be a perfect excuse for players to take outposts with a friend.

Outposts go up three levels for extra challenge, but only if you want them. The same goes for expeditions, which are meant to be tougher assignments, but it seems that you only have to participate in them if they are your thing. In fact, Decant said the hope is that New Dawn will provide something for all sorts of Far Cry fans – a story-driven traditional experience if that's what you are in, opportunities for tough battle challenges and collaborative processes if that's what you prefer and a big world to Explore with many treasures and secrets to discover if there is more speed.

"The offer is a bit smaller than what you get in Far Cry 5, but it's still quite big," Decant said. "We thought it was the year after Far Cry 5, we wanted something that was supposed to be generous."

Far Cry New Dawn launches for $ 40 on February 15th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Editor's Note: GameSpots travel and accommodation during the preview show was provided by Ubisoft.

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