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Fallout 76’s new roadmap goes through the rest of 2021

Bethesda has published the roadmap for Fallout 76, through 2021, and it looks like there is an interesting selection of content coming to the post-apocalyptic sandbox. Fans have been looking forward to the upcoming spring update, which includes ways to respect your character quickly with SPECIAL loads, and several CAMP configurations that players can easily switch between. Today’s roadmap from Bethesda gives us a good idea of ​​what comes beyond that, right up until 2022.

Summer will bring more Brotherhood of Steel content. The first Brotherhood of Steel update was a bit small, but served to establish the various branches of Brotherhood. Steel Reign, the next campaign, will end the story with another campaign for one player. Summer is also set to bring legendary modules, which allow players to create specific legendary items instead of breaking with RNG for the perfect drop.

Autumn will bring “an evolution to private worlds”

;, although it is not clear what it means or how it changes. Private Worlds is currently available with Fallout First, the game’s monthly subscription service. There will also be a new expansion of the game’s Daily Ops system.

Finally, winter will bring four-star legendary weapons and armor, along with CAMP pets. Players have been beating pets for some time using benefits, but it is known unreliable, and these pets often encountered messy ends or just disappeared. It also looks like there will be two events, one against “Invaders from Beyond”, and another event where players help Point Pleasant cultists perform a strange ritual.

Fallout 76 is currently available on Game Pass for PC, console and via the cloud, which is an affordable way to try out the game. Promotional content, including Wastelanders, Steel Dawn, and the upcoming Steel Reign is free.

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