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Fallout 76s long-awaited benefits with extra benefits are coming this spring

Fallout 76, despite the difficult start back in 2018, has become a pretty decent online RPG. Appalachian Wasteland outlines plans for a new year of history and feature updates that look set to continue to play into MMO-little ambitions. Updates this spring are scheduled to provide long-awaited benefits with added benefits as the Brotherhood Of Steel story continues this summer.

In the short term, Fallout 76’s spring update is planned to provide many MMO-style features that have been on the horizon. Biggo, by my standards, is SPECIAL Loadouts. These are building templates in typical online RPG terms. From level 25, you can switch between your personal state and perk card layouts from a buildable station on the camp or your train stations around the wilderness. It̵

7;s free too, which means you can switch between your dungeon building and your best friend’s when you need it.

The spring update will also add tracks for you to store different camp buildings. You can only have one asset at a time, but each will have its own construction budget and map icon. “Going forward, you do not have to choose whether to open a wilderness B&B, fortify a Free States outpost, or run your own Red Rocket Station,” says Bethesda. New Daily Ops and mannequins are also on the list. Bethesda explained some more details about how camp slots and perk loadouts work in a post from when these features hit the test server in February.

Later in the year, a new chapter in the Brotherhood Of Steel story kicks off in the summer, along with legendary artifacts. The autumn will involve updates of how private worlds work. Winter is planned to add a new level of legendary artifacts and clay animals as well.

I talked to the Fallout 76 developers late last year when they announced that they would create new explorable maps like Fallout 4’s extensions. They then warned that Expeditions, as they will be called, are still quite far away. They do not appear to be on the 2021 maps based on this new roadmap, but some new details may emerge later this year.

If you’re curious about more, Bethesda says they’re also running a Q&A session on Reddit tomorrow, March 23 at 15.30 GMT (8.30 PDT).

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