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Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Flub leads to free in-game currency for buyers

Following a controversy about physical object changes in the Fallout 76 Collector Edition, Power Armor Edition, Bethesda, offers a make-up make-up in the game. The offer only extends to those who bought the $ 200 Power Armor Edition, which was discovered to contain a nylon duck pouch instead of the canvas one that had been advertised in promotional materials.

In one tweet Business-related affected users support page describing how to open a request. Those who can give a proof of purchase for the Power Armor Edition receive 500 Atom, the currency in the Fallout 76. 500 Atom game, however, is a relatively small amount of currency. It's about $ 5, and can buy one or two of a few small cosmetic items.

The controversy began when buyers of Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition noticed that the bag that was delivered was not as advertised. Such a fan came out to Bethesda support and received an answer that the company did not "intend to do anything about it." The company apologized for that response and accused the change of "unavailability of materials."

Official store listing now shows nylon that is listed in the text with an image still referring to the bag as a canvas. On a crumpled version of the shop page from November 20, the text reads canvas. Bethesda has not responded to GameSpot's inquiries about when buyers were notified of the change.

Trouble seems to be mounted for Fallout 76. After a rocky launch with a mixed reception, this setback has added a bad perception that seems to be building around it. In addition, a law firm sees its repayment policy for disappointed customers. For its part, Bethesda has recognized some "frustrating issues" around the game and has committed to supporting it in the long run. It has already posted a roadmap of future changes.

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