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Fallout 76 patch notes: bug fixes, stash size increase and more

Fallout 76 Next patch, December 4th, will fix a number of bugs that have plagued the game since its start November 14, as well as delivering an improved Stash size and other quality quality life adjustments, according to patch notes that the Developer Bethesda Game Studios published Friday.

The expanded Stash (now 600, 400) was immediately requested by Fallout 76 players, announced on Monday when Bethesda Softworks recognized the game's slipshod launch and poor reception. Then there was a solution for the loot dropped by boss-level characters; They will now drop between two and four elements of quality that are in proportion to the enemy's difficulty and level.

Others emphasize that players will be relieved to hear: Automatic weapons injuries will get a bad urge, with 20 percent not enough, to be honest). An error that fails health bars and callouts permanently on the screen when they were no longer in sight will also be corrected. Then, problems at CAMP where stored items will not appear and the towers disappeared once injured beyond a working condition (both happened to me).

Fallout 76 also receives an AFK notification, so players will disconnect from the server after 1

0 minutes of inactivity, with a one-minute warning issued in advance. Players who die while overloaded will also be able to respawn at their nearest spot instead of just back on Vault 76.

And of course, the " Fallout 76 " game client and servers have received further stability enhancements. "

Version for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One will roll out on December 4th, with another meatier patch to follow December 11th. One will include more settings for PC, one

Fallout 76 opened for unclear reactions during a two week beta in late October and early November, and the launch drove poor rating results and disappointed the players into the mix. We've been as frustrated as any fan with Fallout 76 and see great potential for Fallout's first multiplayer entry, but can not ignore its many shortcomings.

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