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Fallout 76 has a fast journey and players under level 5 can not die in PvP

We continue to gather information about Bethesda's forthcoming online Fallout 76, and in a recent multiplayer.it interview, Todd Howard said that the game would include a quick trip and that players under level 5 could not be killed in PvP. Please note: I trust Google's machine translation to read the article, which is in Italian.

When asked by the interviewer if there is fast travel in Fallout 76, Howard answers with a simple "Yes". There is no follow-up question or draft so it's not clear how fast trips will work, how many areas it will be available in, or whether there will be restrictions, such as visiting or removing a location of enemies to open it as a fast-moving point .

No feasts or vehicles in Fallout 76, and a world four times The size of Fallout 4, this news comes as a relief for some players, especially if you get up loaded with a long way from your base. As a function, it feels a bit strange for a shared world game to make players blink out of sight and appear elsewhere. Traveling can also probably be used by enemy players to travel closer to you ̵

1; which can be an annoyance for those who want to experience the game's solo and avoid interacting with others.

Also in the interview, Howard says that players under level 5 can not be killed by other players in PvP. (He also says that this feature can be changed before Fallout 76 is released.) Although PvP is already optional and you do not have to fight other players if you do not want this, it sounds like it can let players with low level dip their toes their in PvP without risking life if they bite off more than they can chew. On the other hand, there are several questions: What if two low level players are acknowledging and none of them can die?

Fallout 76 will be released on November 14, 2018. There will be a beta period before that, even though the date of the beta is currently unknown.

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