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Fallout 76 Bug Disabled Disabled Temporary

One of Fallout 76's most explosive traits was recently out of service recently. A bug rendered player could not start nuclear weapons until Bethesda issued a statement that it was aware and issued a hot fix.

Generally, nuclear launch codes are reset every week every Monday night, and players have to fight their enemies to find the new ones. Codes in the hand, they can go to an atomic silo and launch them in places on the map to punish other players, or just give a new dose of radiation to a place and create mutated high-ranking enemies there.

This week, however, the old tags were still in place and were no longer working. The switch took place on New Year's Day. In a statement on Twitter the company said it was aware of the problem and looked at it. Then, January 2, the game went down for maintenance and came up just over an hour later.

This is far from the first unexpected hiccup to hit Fallout 76. The game has experienced an ongoing series of issues, from low rating to controversy over its special edition canvas bags for personal data leakage. The studio hasn't shown any signs of slowing down the plans for the game, though. It continually issues patches and announces upcoming features, including a new mode without PvP restrictions, and the ability to run your own store.

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