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Fallout 76: Bethesda released new microtranscations and society is not happy with it

In the month since Fallout 76 was released, there has been a problem after release both inside and outside the game, with the latest seeing even stronger setbacks from the community.

While Bethesda has worked hard to improve Fallout 76 after an incredibly shocking launch, the problems continue to mount and counteract any steps ahead the company has made.

Just in time for the vacation, Bethesda has released some holiday recipes and other items for sale at Fallout 76's store, but fans do not seem to feel the holiday spirit.

The holiday package was released at a "discounted" price of 1

200 Atoms (about $ 12), which is said to be half the full price of 2400 Atoms, even though it had never been available at any other price point before, something that many users missed the wrong way.

Indeed, a Reddit user even quoted a German Supreme Court's case as evidence that Bethesda could actually break certain laws by offering up items at a discount without selling them at the higher, non-discounted price.

Any potential and unfounded legal issues apart from fans are simply upset by the quality of the bundle's items and many regret the fact that the items do not come with animations of any kind and really are .png files that can be sent to friends in the game.

If that were not enough, even more fans were upset when a reused haircut from Fallout 4 was added to the game as a commercially available item.

These are just a few cases of fan outrage, as Reddit has been flooded with even more examples of upset players looking for Bethesda answers.

There has not been an official response from the developers at the time of writing, but another update is scheduled for December 19th.

Patchnotates for the update have not been released, but there is no doubt that society will be anxiously awaiting some good news about possible adaptations to the game store.

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