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Fallen Order Developer is creating a new franchise

Apex Legends, Titanfall, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order developer Respawn Entertainment has been extremely busy in recent years, and there is now some new information indicating that the studio will not slow down soon. Not only has Respawn worked hard on all of these titles, but it’s apparently starting to put together a team to develop a whole new IP.

Put in a new Respawn job listing, the studio is actively looking at hiring for the role of a Generalist Software Engineer. Although this would not normally be something to write home about, the position is said to be special for a new team being established internally to work on a new property. Respawn obviously does not suggest what this new IP might look like, but it does note that this team is currently quite small and still in the “incubation phase”


This last point is quite interesting, as it may indicate what type of project Respawn can work on. If this team is meant to be small in the whole development of this title, this might be a game on a larger scale than what we are used to from the studio. Then again, this development team can very easily grow quite a bit in the future when the idea for this new franchise is properly worked out.

It is worth noting that if Respawn wants to staff a new project, it could spell bad news for those who are still hoping for a third Titanfall entrance. With Apex Legends developers continue to work on the multiplayer title and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order the team certainly starts to struggle on a sequel, it is difficult to see where a third Titanfall the game fits in, especially if this new group creates something completely new.

One thing is for sure with this move though – Respawn is growing quite a bit. Not only has the studio juggled all the games mentioned earlier, but it also released a new VR-only Medal of Honor game justified Above and beyond earlier this month. In short, Respawn will be one of the largest studios owned by Electronic Arts.

Given how early in the development this job description makes the mystery appear to be, there is a good chance that we will not hear about this title in public for quite some time. Of course, when it does, we’ll keep you in the loop here at ComicBook.com.

So what do you hope to see Respawn do next with this mysterious IP? And do you think the chances of Titanfall 3 arriving is now even slimmer? Let me know in the comments or post me on Twitter at @ MooreMan12 to talk more.

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