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Facebook tests things in common & # 39; label for new friends discovery

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Facebook's" Things in common "tag will appear over the username

Facebook is testing a new way to make people make new connections to the community. The company is testing a feature called" things in common "and as the name suggests, it will highlight things which is common between you and a non-friend user. So, for example, if you have a colleague who you have not been with yet on Facebook, the site will mark it to persuade you add them to your friends list.

So, according to Cnet, Facebook tests this label feature with a select group of people in the United States, and there is no word on when it will roll out for everyone. Taking into account things like common city, common Facebook groups, common college, co mmon workplace, and more such things. The report notes that Only items published by the user will appear in the label.

When you browse a product page, which usually has a lot of comments about it, users who commented on the post will have labels depending on the commonality with them. So if a user coming from the same workplace as you comment on a thread, and you accidentally scroll past it, you will see a label about that user's name informing you that they are from the same workplace as you. This allows you to mainly find people with shared interests that are not on your friends list.

Facebook notes that this only works on public posts and that labels only draw information that has been published by the user. "Knowing common things in common, helps people connect. We try to add a" common thing "tag that appears over comments from people you're not friends with, but you can have something in common with Facebook," said Facebook. spokesman release. This new feature will also help fight fake accounts and build actual civilian connections.

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