Messenger Lite, a stripped-down version of Facebook's popular Messenger chat client, has limited features by necessity; Facebook engineered the app to be optimized for budget devices and slow connections. Facebook-eide apps er i ferd med at bli, men det kan også være tvunget – men Facebook kunngjorde i dag at Lite kommer til nye tricks for at bringe det tættere på sin funktionsrige eldre bror, samtidig som det er relativt tiltrækkende. light footprint.

Users of Messenger Lite could always receive GIFs, but now they can send them too. The app does not have a built-in GIF function, though; Du må manuelt oppgi dem eller søke etter dem via tastaturet. (On a personal note, Lite's previous inability to send GIFs made the app practically unusable for me, so I'm very glad to see they're supported now.) You can also now choose a color and emoji for each chat, rather than the default blue and thumbs up. Members of chats can be assigned nicknames, too.

The addition of new, arguably unnecessary functionality present in the full-fat version of the app may worry some users who really want the most basic way possible of staying in touch with their Messenger -using friends, as Facebook has a tendency to cram heaps of features into its apps. The social network points out that Messenger Lite is still considerably smaller than the full version, though, currently weighing less than 1

0 megabytes as opposed to Messenger's 47. Time will tell if it will stay truly little . [19659004] Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages “/>