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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg does not think people will buy wired VR

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Sony has announced that the next-generation PlayStation VR headset for PS5 will remove its predecessor’s spaghetti wires, replacing them “with a single wire to simplify setup and improve usability, while enabling a high-quality visual experience”. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – whose company owns Oculus – has in an earnings conversation with investors indicated that he does not expect customers to “go for it”.

“Someone else may try to send something that they claim is of higher quality but has a cord, and I just don̵

7;t think consumers will want to go for it,” he said. “Having wires wrapped around you only breaks the sense of presence and immersion.”

Of course, Oculus has doubled its wireless approach to virtual reality, with the current Oculus Quest 2 as popular. The company has made wired headphones before, such as the Oculus Rift S, but seems to be focused on its stand-alone approach for now. The mentioned Oculus Quest 2 handles all the processing in the headset, so even if this comes with compromises, it means that you do not need to be connected to a computer or console.

There is no doubt that wires affect immersion in VR, but the biggest problem with PSVR has always been the large number required to use the headset. If the next generation version can fulfill Sony’s promise of a single, simple cord, it alone will be transformative. However, as wireless VR continues to establish itself, it will be interesting to see if Playstation’s solution feels “dated” when it is finally released in 2022.

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