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Everything you need to know about Elgato’s new power line: FaceCam, Stream Deck MK.2, Wave XLR

Popular power equipment manufacturers, Elgato, are launching a brand new range of broadcasting equipment, including Facecam, Stream Deck MK2, Wave XLR and more. Here’s everything you need to know about their next wave of streaming necessities.

Whether you stream on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming or similar, the production quality will be the first thing viewers will notice when they jump through the channels.

Although it is difficult to fine-tune everything from video to sound quality, the right equipment can improve your chances of putting your best foot forward when you are live.

Fortunately, there̵

7;s a lot to look forward to in Elgato’s new range, which consists of a number of product launches to upgrade your ultimate streaming setup.



Elgato launches its first full webcam called just FaceCam.

FaceCam comes with 1080p resolution at 60FPS. The most interesting feature is the built-in flash memory for remembering image settings as well as the uncompressed USB 3 which provides a clean image.

This is a camera designed for streamers. There is no microphone built into Facecam and no autofocus. Fixed focus f / 2.4 lens is set to look good from 20-30 cm to one meter away.

Elgato built a camera hub that gives users complete manual control of your video quality to fine-tune everything from exposure, white balance, zoom and more while watching your changes live.

Elgato’s first webcam will give users just as much DSLR-like control and will be priced at $ 199 USD at launch.

Stream Deck MK.2


The new and improved Stream Deck MK2 from Elgato.

One of the most popular products for streaming is to get a facelift with Stream Deck MK.2.

The fifteen-key broadcast switch is a basic tool for career streamers, as it allows you to automatically switch everything from scenes, angles and even single-button programs.

Most of the improvements Elgato made to the sequel to Stream Deck come with improvements to the quality of life of the stand, connection and custom faceplates.

This will probably replace the original Stream Deck, and the MK.2 version will be priced in the same way $ 149 USD.

Wave XLR


Wave XLR gives you complete sound control at the touch of a knob.

The company launches a Wave XLR as its solution to improve the microphone interface and setup for digital mixing. The streamlined design gives users the control to live-adjust your XLR microphone for better quality.

The large knob in the middle allows you to adjust everything from the microphone’s input gain (up to 75dB), output volume and even the crossbar between the microphone and the PC mix.

Wave XLR is about instant sound control, and it even has a Mute button on the back that turns LEDs on the dial to red to tell you that you are muted. It is a ‘Clipguard’ that redirects misleading noise to a “lower signal path that runs at a lower volume.”


Wave XLR gives people more control over the sound, especially with the Wake Link hub.

Wave XLR will also run with Elgato’s Wave Link which gives you more control over all your audio inputs.

The ports include an XLR slot, a headphone jack for zero delay output monitoring, and a USB-C. Elgato will also work with users to customize the faceplate on the Wave XLR.

Wave XLR launches at $ 159 USD.

Wave Mic Arm / Wave Mic Arm LP


Wave Mic Arm is Elgato’s new microphone stand for over-the-desk setup.

Elgato comes out with two armrests with suspension in Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP.

The microphone stand has a 360-degree arm rotation, a ball mount for precise microphone setup, a padded clamp for stability and even built-in tracks to help creators with cable management.

For those with heavier technology, the Wave Mic Arm comes with an optional counterweight, so you do not constantly adjust the stand.


The Wave Mic Arm LP variation lets the microphone rest directly over your desktop.

Elgato two microphone stand varies in how you want your setup to look. The regular one is something of a high-rise version, and Wave Mic Arm LP (for ‘low profile’) snakes over the desktop instead of over it.

Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP are both priced at $ 99 USD.

Accessories: Wall Mount, Lightstrips Extension Kit, Studio Configurator

Elgato launches one Wall mount which allows you to attach external devices anywhere from the ceiling to the odd angles of the walls.

Wall Mount is compatible with all of the company’s Multi Mount components, and will be a handy accessory that can really elevate your streaming setup. Wall mounts can be purchased around $ 30 USD.


The wall mount attachment really allows you to customize your broadcast layout.

Elgato also releases one Extension set for light stripe which will give you about 2 meters extra length for all your RGB needs. It will have fully WiFi-controlled RGB functions when it comes out at $ 60 USD.

The company even created one Studio Configurator, powered by the Unity engine, so that any content creator or device could essentially build their dream studio filled with Elgato’s latest devices.

While the mockup is digital, you can use it to get a very real look at how your personal studio develops before you go all-in on a purchase.

That’s all you need to know about Elgato’s new line of streaming products that can be game changers for many ambitious content creators.

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