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Essential Phone is mainly discontinued … but the new "mobile product" is in the works

Essential Phone was the first smartphone to be shipped in the display, and it was the first phone from the startup created by Android founder Andy Rubin. It wasn't exactly a huge success in the market, and the company has had some difficult years … but it hasn't stopped important from providing timely software and security updates. My wife's Essential PH-1 often gets Android updates before my Pixel 2.

Anyway, it seems that Essential is ready to move on to new things – the company has discontinued Essential PH-1, but the company doesn't just beat in the towel yet – Essential has released a promising bill that the company will continue to support its first phone while working on new products.

Earlier today, Droid Life noted that Essential Phone is out of stock on the Essential site and in most other stores. Now, Android police and 9to5Google have both published articles with an Essential statement confirming that the phone is out of stock and will not resume.

The company says that "we are now hard at work on our next mobile product and will continue to sell accessories and provide quick software update and customer support to our existing community."

Rumor has it Essential is to develop a phone using AI to answer phone calls and text messages for you, but it is unclear whether there is "next mobile product" mentioned in the statement whether the company is working on something else.

At the same time, Essential recently also launched almost a third of the workforce, which has an impact on the company's business going forward. [19659002]

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