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Elgato’s Stream Deck MK.2 supports seven cute faceplates

Sure, Elgato’s Stream Deck MK.2 can organize desktop apps and do live streaming on Twitch as easily as pressing a button, but most importantly, it supports a variety of cute faceplates. Stream Deck MK.2 costs $ 150 and is sold along with seven new faceplates, priced at $ 10 each. Elgato showed off MK.2 today in a new trailer, and it is available for order now (yes, so are the front plates).

Stream Deck MK.2 has 1

5 customizable LCD keys that can be connected to PC apps, media tools and specific platforms, with plugins for Twitch, OBS, YouTube, XSplit, Spotify, Philips Hue and others. This allows streamers to set hotkeys to go live, control A / V functions and interact with the audience. The icons on MK.2 can also be customized digitally.

In June, Elgato rolled out Stream Deck 5.0, a major software update that included a new store, icon library, and a selection of DMCA-free music and sound effects.

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